Friday, March 21, 2008

Sh.uttle Flight and Disn.ey

Well, since everyone in my department is either pregnant or has a newborn, they were close to out of options to send people to the cape for this last launch. Yes, they chose me! I don't even care that I was an alternate. It was a chance for a free trip to Florida and to be with the crew, to see a night launch and a trip to Disney. A perfect vacation.

Bryan and Landon flew down to meet me, so we all got to enjoy some time in Florida. It was great. Landon loved the beach, the playgrounds, Disney, the plane ride. He had an ear ache, and his ear drum burst, but after that, he was much better. He was SO happy to see Mic.key and Bu.zz - oh my gosh, Bu.zz - he loved him. Gave hime a high five, pushed all his buttons on his chest. Landon was in heaven!

Landon would clap for the ride after it was over, like "yay ride, you did a good job" it was hilarious.