Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wildlife Park

On Sunday, we still played the tourist.  We had a wonderful brunch at La Brisa - pancakes, waffles, migas, chorizo, fruit, etc.  Delicious.  I think they have the best waffles and pancakes I've ever eaten.  I love it when family comes to town because that usually means we make a trip to La Brisa for breakfast.

After breakfast, we headed over to Dickinson Wildlife park.  The price has gone up a lot since we first moved here - it's now $18 for an adult to get in!  But worth the price to see the kids enjoy it.
As soon as we drove over the cattle guard, an ostrich came over and pecked our windows.  Kenzie started crying!  But she soon got over the fear and was excited to see the animals.  Landon and Kallie were going crazy in the back of the van.

Good timing, because we only waited about five minutes before our tram pulled up and we all boarded.  We fed most animals, but the bison and the long horns - we missed them.  Which was okay with me, cause they're usually snotty.  We almost missed the camels, but they decided at the last minute, to come over.  They weren't hungry, but managed to sling slobber all over my younger sister, Jana and a few other passengers.

Kenzie enjoyed throwing food pellets, although i don't think many got out of the tram.  Landon pegged Jill a couple times, which he thought was hilarious.

After the park, we went over to Frobergs and picked up various food items.  The greatest hit was okra chips.  Basically dried okra - so delicious!  I wish we would have gotten a couple (or 10) bags.  The kids all got different candy, and of course we had to get fried pies.  Yum!  Alex (my nephew) got the cutest miniature jaw breakers, unfortunately, they tasted like black licorice.

Then we headed back to the house, put the sprinkler so that it would hit the trampoline, and then eventually filled up the kiddie pool.  The kids played forever outside, while we sat and laughed in the shade.  Kenzie got to control the water hose, and was having a grand time making the kids scream by squirting them.  They thought it wsa funniest when she shot herself in the face, which happened quite often.

Then on to dinner at Chuys and another round of yogurt at Yogurt Bear.  Instead of walking, we ended up in the upstairs living room, telling stories and laughing.  We laughed so hard, most times there wasn't any sound coming out.  And I'm sure there were more than a few snorts.

The kids feeding Emu's.

Alex waiting with a deer.

Bryan, Landon and Kenzie feeding deer.

Kallie, Jana, Burl and Abby ready for the tram ride.


Jill and Kenzie "I look fru window"

Jana feeding an ostrich (Burl ready to karate it's neck if it gets too close.)

Landon torturing Emma

The camel, right before it got Jana with a long string of slobber.

Abby waiting for her turn to ride the pony.

Kids at frobergs

Kenzie's in charge!

Everyone trying to hide from Kenzie's water (and I'm pretty sure she's saying "No Bubba")

Saturday, May 26, 2012


My sisters (and family) came in for the long weekend.  My younger sister's husband got to see the ocean (gulf) for the first time in his life. He's a rancher and doesn't get to go on many vacations, not sure how thrilled he was with the seaweed beach at Galveston, but the kids loved it.  We got there plenty early, after half of us spent some time at the chiropractor.  We all sunscreened up and played in the water and sand for a couple hours.  My nephew and little sister got taken under by the rip tide, but survived.  That nephew also got slapped in the face by a fish!  Bryan said he stepped on a fish.  And we got to see miniature shrimp all over the beach.

The place we usually park (8 mile road) was covered in seaweed.  It was high tide and there was no beach, so we ended up at Stewart beach.  By the time we got ready to leave, the place was packed!  We headed down to the strand to enjoy some ice cream at the candy store.  And, of course, had to make a trip into Col. Bubba's  military store.  That place creeps me out, but we all found survivor bracelets!  Look here: Survival Straps.

We headed home, cleaned up and went for pizza at Russo's.  Then to LC park where we enjoyed a local band playing some music.  The kids loved feeding the turtles and playing on the playground.  

Landon got tired

Kenzie with her crazy hair.

Enjoying candy

Not sure who took the camera

Waiting for the "dolts" to finish shopping

more ice cream pics

Abby with her giant slice!

LC playground

Bryan 'catching turtles'

Feeding the turtles goldfish

Jill and Burl spotted this tiny baby turtle resting on the lily pad.

Doesn't she look tiny standing next to Bryan.

Kinder Graduation

Landon had Kinder graduation this morning.  He wanted everyone he knew to come... unfortunately, with family so far away, he had a small fan club.  He asked Danny and Nicole and begged for sister to come.  Bryan, Nicole, Kenzie and I were able to attend.  The kids sang cute songs, and then headed to the classrooms for snacks and awards.  Landon recieved the "Kind Hearted" award.  Very fitting for him.  Makes me very proud of him.  Kenzie was really good through the whole ceremony.  Probably because of the food available at the party.  Ha!
The theme was Luau, and I'm sad we never took a family picture, cause I have to say, we looked good!  LOL - yes, I am definitely bragging here.  But here's some pics of the kids:

Kenzie playing with Bryan

Landon singing

Kenzie let me put a bow in her hair!

Landon in class, waiting to eat.

Enjoying snacks

Getting his Kind Hearted Award from Mrs. Weidman

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Friendswood Park

Miss Nicole did an Art show in Friendswood on Saturday.  It was an AWESOME park, with one of the boundless playgrounds (is that the right term?)  After visiting with Nic for awhile, the kids and I headed to the playground.  (Bryan played Mud volleyball at the Pasadena Strawberry Fest.)  The playground was great - although Landon got sick on one of the spin rides (and ended up throwing up behind a tree on the side of the park.)

We went back to see Nic, grabbed some hotdogs and cold water and sat in the grass.  The kids loved it, although Landon did not want to paint, make a necklace, make stained glass hanger.  He just wanted to go back and play.  I asked Kenzie if she wanted to paint, she said yes, "Paint finger nails?"  Uh, no.
Kenzie saying "cheese" - notice the blanket we can't leave home without!

Kenzie checking out the spinner

Maybe she'll take a spin...

What did that do?

Landon in the other spinning chair

Landon resting after the spinner.  Not feeling too well, but this astro terf grass sure was perfect for laying around.

Catching Up

I'm going to spend some time catching up on this blog, so anyone who is still around reading, will start seeing old posts.  Sorry about that.  Most of the stuff we do as a family - I blab about on FB.  I weeded out my friends list a couple years ago and mostly have family on there I inundate them with my kids pictures and funny sayings.  (I'm guessing if they don't want to see a picture of Kenzie and Landon every day, they can block me.  ha!)

Sunday Best

After church we headed to Chili's for lunch.  We had plans to go to the waterpark after lunch, but the kids behavior had other plans.

How handsome is this boy?  Does he look like someone who is about to throw a fit because his pizza was "ripped" instead of cut?

And Kenzie - after I told her to "look up" - I meant "at me" she meant "to the sky"

Seriously, how cute are these kids?

Pre-pizza-melt-down (I can tell because I'm still smiling.)

Two Front Teeth

Landon lost both his front teeth - I love hearing him talk now.  He told Bryan that everything he tries to say just sounds like an "S" - so true!

He wouldn't let us pull these.  Both feel out (on different days) while he was eating!  And we keep forgetting to put the tooth under his pillow - oops.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cinnamon honey butter pull apart

Found this recipe on
I thinking skip the honey next time. But still delicious.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Angry Sleeper

Kenzie LOVES her crib.  "Lubs it"  So she rarely is in our bed (which quite the opposite of Landon, who still comes done some nights to touch mom's hair. Seriously)

But this night she fell asleep in my bed, while Landon and I were playing The Mystery of Crimson Manor on the Kindle.

And yes - she's in Flannel Elmo pajamas.  Her room stays like 60 degrees.  As long as she's in her warm jammies, she'll sleep all night.  With her me-me (paci) and her ducky blanket.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012