Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Still here

Nothing much exciting going on, and my camera's been in my car, so no pictures. Although I have to get a clip of Landon playing peek a boo - he doesn't quite cover his eyes (really, his hands are usually on the side of his head.)

He has learned to say Maddie and Mason (our dogs), baseball, basketball, Ah Oh, outside, bite, bird, etc, etc, etc. He still loves to whisper while he plays and his new favorite game is blowing raspberries in my face and hair.

He no longer wants to eat baby food, but wants to eat whatever is on our plates. He's had steak, mashed potatoes, fries, baked beans - which happen to be his favorite and basically any dessert he can get his grubby little paws on.

He helped me pull weeds this weekend. He would take them one by one back up the driveway to daddy (who was washing the car.) I found out yesterday, he was doing the same thing at daycare, picking a weed and giving it to his teacher.

He loves climbing. He climbs in his rocking chair, stands up and rocks. He can also climb on the ottoman now. He'll climb up, then sit down, get on his tummy and slide almost all the way off, then decide he wants to stand back up. This goes on for 30 minutes.

He's also become a stinky boy. They play outside at daycare now...and when he comes home, he stinks. Well, he smells like outside. And, oh my goodness, you should see the little farmer tan he's getting. Too cute. He comes home with dirt under his fingernails, and grass stains on his jeans. A true boy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Night at the Ball Park

Last night was fun! Landon was super active. Well, he almost nodded off right when we got there, but then all of the sudden he was so awake. He was excited when he first saw the huge field, but once he realized he didn't get to go play on it, I think he forgot it was there.

We had hot dogs, french fries and some cotton candy. Landon really wanted Danny's nachos - but see all the jalepenos??

We took Landon up to walk the pavilion about four times, the rest of the time, he was pretty content either playing with my hair or flirting with a little girl behind us.

It was a great time, and I'm sure we'll be going back to another game soon.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Landon had his first hibachi experience last night. The chef was very entertaining, Landon loved watching him through his spatula and knife around - which I'm sure Landon was thinking, hey I can do that with my spoon too!

I had scallops and shrimp, Bry had the steak and chicken - mmmmmmm. Delicious. Landon had chicken and apples (by Gerber.) He's also loving those little pinwheel things, which, disgusting, but if he eats them and doesn't gag, well, they'll stay on the shopping list.

We're going to watch the As.tros play tonight. This will be Landon's second baseball game (he went to one when he was like 8 weeks old, and I remember him having poop come out of his diaper, all up his back - wasn't nice.) Hopefully tonight will go better than that.

Oh, and he loooooooooooooooooves standing up in his rocking chair. I'll have to get pictures of this. He climbs up in it, stands up and rocks using the back of the chair, then climbs down, only to climb back up. He's so cute. He's also playing Peek-a-boo now. He doesn't always get his hands quite over his eyes, mostly on the side of his head, but he's getting the technique. And he thinks doing this makes him a comedian cause mom and dad are laughing so hard. All fun.

Monday, April 16, 2007


First, the thrush is gone! Yay. Landon is now eating again and taking his medicine like a big boy.

And I learned this weekend that Landon can climb into the bathtub all by himself. I was in his room putting up laundry and he wondered off into the bathroom. I wasn't too worried, I knew he would probably unroll the toilet paper (which he did.) But when I heard bath toys getting thrown against the tile, I started to wonder how he could reach them. I walk into the bathroom to find him climbing out of the tub, balanced delicately with his feet on the tub side and the rest of his body holding on the toilet. Oh my gosh.

Also, he learned later on this weekend how to open the toilet lid and reach the water. Yeah, disgusting. I promise, we do keep an eye on him. LOL. He's just so fast.

AND - lol - he can climb into his rocking chair and he loves to rock on it standing up.

We all went to a bar-b-que with my coworkers. It actually got really cold, it was overcast and windy. But the bbq turned out really nice. Lots and Lots of delicious food - and I didn't count a single WW point. LOL. Landon was awesome. He played around in the yard, chasing the dog, playing with a soccer ball. One of his friends, Seth, brought all kinds of toy cars and trucks. Landon had a great time examaning each of them.

We tried whole milk this weekend - but have decided to stay with Rice milk for now. After landon vomited what looked (and smelled) like curdled milk, rice is fine with us.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Took Landon to the doc this morning. He has thrush. Bad. Very. Bad. We hadn't noticed because its all in the back of his mouth and throat. Poor baby. I'd be gagging too. He's on medicine now and we have to throw out all his pacifiers, nipples, sippy lids, etc tomorrow and then again in 14 days. I asked if there was any food that would be easy for him to eat...

Doc: "You know how you feel when you get a yeast infection?"
Me: "Yeah"
Doc: "That's how his mouth feels right now."
Me: "Oh man!"
Doc: "Exactly"

So we'll just try to feed him what we can and hopefully he'll keep something down. He's only lost about half a pound, so not too bad.

I finally got the camera out of the car. So here's some Easter pictures.

Landon in Sunday School, beside his cousin Kallie.

Rhodes Family at my aunt Sharon's house.

Egg Hunt

Snowfall the day before Easter

This is one cute boy...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter and Family Trip

We had a great weekend. We left Thursday afternoon for West Texas to visit my family, getting into Muleshoe (yes, as in a Mule's foot wear) around 6:30. YAWN. Bryan headed to the back room for much needed sleep. Landon slept for a little bit longer, then Grammy Jane and I got up and played with Landon. Mom (Grammy) made her famous french toast (so much for WW points.)

My sister and her kids came over for lunch. I chi'ed everyone's hair - they all looked great. We went to Leal's for lunch (you'll learn soon that visits revolve around food.) Delicious. Then we headed over to Portales, to shop a little at my family's furniture store (more on this later.) On to Grandma's for dinner, Lasagna and bread, along with a apricot brandy cake. Oh man. Jana and her kids, along with my aunt and uncle came over for dinner. Landon had a great time playing the kids. And found Grandma's canned food cabinet, where he proceeded to start throwing all the cans out into the kitchen floor.

The snow started falling Friday night. Yes, snow. As in white moisture that usually appears around winter time. We woke up the next morning to temps in the teens and about 2 inches of snow. Brrr...

Grandma/Bryan made eggs, bacon and toast and then we just sat around in our pajama's for a while, listening to Grandma's stories like how they used to get $10 a week, they paid $2.50 for rent and $2.50 on my granddad's cigarettes. Or how they paid $14000 for the house she's living in now. Crazy.

Mom, Jana and her kids made it through the ice/snow for lunch. We ordered Pat's - fried everything...tator tots, crinkle fries, taquitas, taco dip. After lunch we boiled and dyed eggs, which Landon was convinced were balls. Everyone came over for dinner again, we had stack supper, along with home made cake with strawberries and whipping cream (not cool whip, the real deal here.)

Mom, Jana and kids stayed the night with Grandma, we had all the beds full. For Easter breakfast, my grandmother made waffles and syrup. She heats up syrup and add maple flavoring...best ever. We had all changed from our sandals to panty hose and pumps. Put our coats on over our Easter dresses and headed to church.

After church, everyone went to my aunt Sharon's house. We had pot luck, with lots and lots to eat. The egg hunting went fast. Landon didn't much enjoy being out in the cold and was finished with it after three eggs. Confetti eggs were a big hit this year with all the kids (not so much with the parents.)

Furniture Story
We stayed a little bit longer on Monday than we would have liked, but it was for a good reason. We ordered all the furniture we'll ever need for our house (hopefully.) We're getting Broy.hill At.tic Hei.rloom to finish off what we don't have. Entertainment center, china cabinet, armoire, night stand, furniture for landon's room, a new sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman...etc. Yes, its quite a fortune, but my family may be going out of the furniture business soon, so we wanted to get everything we could. My Grandparents originally ran the store for years and years, then they sold it to my mother's sister and brother, who now run it. My Grandmother still works there every day at the age of 90. Can you believe it?

I'll post tons of pictures later...haven't unpacked the camera yet. Bryan's home with Landon who is sick again. I'm hoping its not his ears, but thinking it probably is. Ugh. Poor Baby.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Seperation Anxiety?

Landon would NOT leave me this morning. Every time I tried to set him down to make bottles, do my makeup, put clothes on, anything, he would just start bawling. What's with that? Luckily, when we got to day care, one of his teachers took him right away and started playing with him.

Today's their Easter party at school. We found an Elmo easter basket at Tar.get last night. Bought some eggs and filled them with colored goldfish. The party's this afternoon sometime. We're heading out to West Texas this evening (about an 11 hour drive.) Fun, huh. But Landon will get to spend Easter with family and lots and lots of cousins. I just checked the weather. It's supposed to be 37 on Saturday with snow. Are you kidding me? Snow, on Easter, in Texas! LOL. Wonder how my sandals will look in the snow?

Here's some pictures - he's just so cute.

Landon sleeping last night:

Landon and Daddy getting the mail:

Landon escaping from Dad's diaper changing:

Landon trying using a 'step' to help Dad with dishes:

Gonna get some tup.perware out:

And then take it to the fridge:

And here's he just posing:

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Birthday Pics

I made a little bathtub cake...with the piece we cut out for the middle, my husband cut out a duck and iced it. Turned out really cute.
Landon got a ton of gifts and had a great time. You can see in some of the pictures where the 'orange' (I'm guessing cause it had red in it) icing made his face break out. But I slathered it up and it went away.

The 'faucet' didn't turn out great. But over all it was pretty cute - and it tasted like heaven!