Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 Hallee giving Landon a big birthday hug (She cleaned the ring off her cupcake and told me she was going to put it in her jewelry box so she could think about him all the time.)

 Landon and Master Yoda watching cartoons

Boys playing in the sprinkler 

Snack time! 

Landon's request was dinner at Double Dave's.

The boys helping Mark with the fence.

5 Years Old!

Can you believe it?!  My little boy is 5! 

We had a wonderful week / weekend / birthday.  Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes came in for the week (I had training downtown.) So Landon enjoyed a whole week at home with them.  (Kenzie went to school on Monday and Friday.)

The birthday party was on Saturday - Ben 10 theme.  We rented a jumper and cotton candy machine.  It was a bajillion degrees out (87? Record High that day.) So the kids were pouring sweat after 5 minutes of jumping.  Saturday was a blur.  I had testing of an upgrade that morning, with a go / no go decision at 10, pushed to noon.
Finally time for the party.  Bryan made a Ben 10 cake and cupcakes.  We had snacks and cotton candy.  And lots of friends.  It finally cooled off and we all enjoyed visiting outside (while the boys watched NCAA basketball inside.)  The kids went between jumping/sliding outside to playing toys inside, then back outside, back inside.  They all seemed to have a good time.  Landon got great gifts, and was so excited every time he opened one.  I love seeing that face.

On Sunday, Landon requested a trip to the zoo.  The Lunds joined us and we sweated it out there til almost 2:30.  Then Mason came over and the boys rode bikes, played in the sprinkler and jumped on the trampoline.

Monday - his birthday, I took cupcakes to school for his snack time in the afternoon.  Apparently, that's all the kids had been talking about during the day so they were very excited to see me come in with batman and scooby cupcakes.  After school, I dropped him off at the Lund's to play for a while.  While at Target, I got a call saying to come there quickly, Landon had fallen off the back of the truck.  They were playing in the bed and somehow he slipped.
He cut his head (about an inch cut) and nice goose egg.  And a nice bruise on his leg.  Their neighbor is a PA at the ER, he came over with medical glue and fixed landon right up.  After that, Landon requested Double Dave's for dinner.  We took Mason with us and then went back where the boys "helped" build the fence for a while.
Bryan hasn't put the pictures on Shutterfly yet (I'll post them when he does.)

5 Years and 9.5 months

The kids when in for well baby's (I'm pre-dating this post so it will show up closer to the right date) the day Bryan flew out to California. 

Landon knew we were going to the doctor, and when he woke up he informed me that he had swords in his throat.  (This happened the last time we took Kenzie in...)

Kenzie's 9.5 month check up, she weighed 20 lbs 3 ounces and was 28 inches.  She had to get one shot, and she cried, but not for too long.
Landon was 40 pounds and 44.7 inches.  And he had strep.  He ASKED the dr for a shot (he didn't need any immunizations, which is lucky because he was running a fever and couldn't get any.)  She agreed and he got the shot, which I think he regretted the next 15 minutes. 

We took Kenzie to school and on the way, landon threw up all over the car.  Yay.  Luckily, he had a change of clothes at school, so I gave him a wet wipe bath, changed his clothes and we headed to Target to get Kenzie's cough medicine and some Tylenol for Landon to help his fever.

He slept in the buggy most of the time at the store.  When we left, he decided he was hungry, so I stopped at McDonald's. As soon as the chicken nuggets were in our car, he threw up again, just from smelling them.  After that, we went straight home, and he slept most of the rest of the day...

Thank goodness he asked for the shot.  By 9pm that night, he was already better.  The fever was gone, his throat didn't hurt so bad, he was able to eat.  The next day, I kept him home but he was bouncing off the walls!  Crazy.

And then, thankfully, Bryan came home.

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Afternoon at the park

We picked up Mason after school and headed to the park down the road.
The boys had a great time swinging from the bar and monkey'ing around.  Kenzie had fun just watching all the excitement. It was a little windy, but still beautiful.  (Nice because the mosquitos aren't out yet!)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kenzie's First Concert

Kenzie was out cold for her first concert (Sugarland)
She woke up as we were walking down the stairs to leave.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Candace Kane Designs
Love it!

Weekend Getaway

Thanks to Continental we were able to make a quick trip out to New Mexico.  Before we left, Landon had told Bryan that the only reason he was going was so he could miss school and get away from Miss Bona (the big kids teacher - she's not a happy person.)

Landon has played non-stop. Our first stop was Leal's for lunch. Then we headed to the baseball field to watch my nephew play Varsity ball. They had a double header (we had missed my niece's basketball game earlier that morning.)  Landon and his cousin discovered a huge mound of dirt. Taller than them!  That kept them busy. We split up before the second game started. My sister and I went to another small town to watch her other son play basketball. On the way to the gym Landon asked if there would be any dirt there.
After basketball we met back at Leal's with friends. I think there were 25+ of us - but they were able to seat us close together and there were lots of laughs.

Sunday we woke up to a beautiful morning...but by the time church was over the wind was already gusting. Sustained 45 mph for most of the day with gusts up to 75. Pulling up to Nana's house, Landon asks if it was picture day. Think he was worried about standing out by the pond in the wind. Kenzie ran a fever all through the night. She had slept almost all day Saturday. She wasn't really fussy much but definitely wanted mama.
My sister got a call from a neighbor who said one if the fires was headed for their land. My brother in law had already been called out to work the lines. She took off to try to get the horses out. Luckily for them the fire turned on itself at the highway and burned itself out. (Kenzie's teeth appeared!!)

Monday, mom and I had planned to do some shopping. My sister called, her daughter had been sick through the night so they had stayed home. She drove over and we went for coffee and chocolate at my cousins house. It was nice to sit and visit for a while over a k-cup.

After that, we went by the University book store (too bad Bryan doesn't read my blog, because there's a visor I'd like from there.)  My mom was going to have another cousin to watch in the afternoon, so she told my sister and I to go on to Clovis.  We went by Joe's (great pair of black and fusia boots, that I didn't buy...) and Gebo's and the bakery (which has been closed EVERY time I've driven over there!)  We came home with just a pair of jeans for Bryan (which end up being the wrong size.)

My other sister came over after she got off work and we had dinner at the house - which included fried green chillies.  Soooo good.  We visited for a little while, watched some of the Bachelor and then the kids were out.

Tuesday, we woke up, packed up and headed to Lubbock.  We saw another big fire outside of Littlefield, and then winds were up again.  Not good.  We got to the airport 45 minutes before our plane was scheduled.  Thankful for a small airport, we were the only ones checking in luggage and going through security.  Plane ride was easy.  I'm blessed with good children.  Kenzie fell asleep as we were taxin'ing in to Houston.  Bryan picked us up and we headed home.  Landon was SO happy to see dad. 

It was a nice, short trip. Perfect (well, it would have been better if Bryan had gone too...)  But I got to see family, and see some of the kids play ball, see my cousins, aunts and uncles, and didn't miss too much work.