Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cry it Out; Part II


Landon went to bed at 8:30, cried for the first five minutes. I went in and tickled his head (he loves this.) And he was out. He woke up at.....7:30 this morning!! Not kidding. He did wake up around 4:30, but just kind of talked to himself, then nothing. As soon as I heard him, I jumped out of bed, but then realized he wasn't even crying. Sleep is Glorious!

As for yesterday, the humidity was below 50% so the weather here was awesome. We took Landon for a little walk around the block in his suped up jogging stroller (given to me by my best friends nic and san.)

This morning he finished off half a jar of carrots, then a whole jar of sweet potatoes and 3/4 jar of bananas along with a few bites of oatmeal. And then two ounces of formula to finish it up. (Yes, we've moved to formula - save that for another post.)

Last night may have been a fluke, but at least I can boast about it today. We'll see how tonight goes.

OH! One other thing, on my run route - there's an owl that flies out across the trees in front of me, no less than 50 feet away. He could care less that I'm there. Aren't owls a sign of death or something? Cause it sure felt like I was dying by mile 2 last night.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cry It Out

So, first let me say, I hate to hear my baby cry. Second let me say, we (Landon and I) both need to get better sleep.

Last night we started our night time ritual. Dinner, bath, bottle, rocking, bed. I rocked him and put him in his crib awake, without a paci. Let him cry 5 minutes, then checked on him. Patted and tickled his head for a minute or so, then left. Then we were going to wait 10 minutes, but he feel asleep in the 8th minute.

He then woke up crying around 4:30, checked on him after 5 minutes. Then waited 10 minutes, Bryan went in and let landon play with his hair (that's landon's new favorite thing, he loves to just let your hair tickle his hand.) And he fell asleep.

He woke up this morning at 7, so I went and got him, changed his diaper, stretched him out and I was going to take him to feed him breakfast, but he fell asleep! He slept another hour or so.

No paci all night - and I got sleep. Hopefully tonight goes as well as last night.

Friday, August 25, 2006


Landon took a bath in the big tub last night. Oh man, that boys loves it. We got him the little caterpiller bath toy that's basically balls, with magnets to keep it together. He loved trying to scoop them all up in his arms - until of course he tried to get them with his toes and realized using your little monkey feet in the bath tup isn't a good idea.

He also finished off a whole jar of pears and half a jar of carrots last night. And didn't need a bottle in the middle of the night! YAY! Then this morning, he ate another whole jar of pears and the other half of the carrots. Big boy!

Have I said how much he loves books? His grammy bought him some when she came to visit. Here he's reading Hop On Pop on the way to day care this morning.

He's just so wonderful. I can't imagine not having fact, I can barely remember when he wasnt' around. Being pregnant seemed like ages ago. Motherhood is awesome!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bald Baby

So yesterday I walked into daycare, got the diaper bag out of the closet, walked over to the bald baby in the swing and started to get him out...

Yeah, it wasn't my bald baby. Landon was in a swing on the other side. (Yes I know I'm a horrible mother.) To my credit, they were both sleeping with their heads down, so I couldn't see his face.

At least Landon wasn't awake to realize his mama was picking up another baby.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I know, its been forever since I posted. So much has happened.

Let's see, Landon started vegetables.

Then he got a stomach bug (yes, from mom, but what could I do?) Poor baby wasn't keeping much down. We visited the pediatrician, who said he had just a touch of the bug and wasn't dehydrated. Poor guy. But ever since then he gags when I try to feed him cereal.

This morning I started him on Banana's. I wanted him to eat something I knew he'd like. Sure enough he loved them. And as soon as I tried to mix in a bite of cereal, he'd gag. Little bugger.

He also went to Sunday school for the first time yesterday. They have these cute little seats cut out in a table for the kids to sit in. He sat and listened the whole time. Even tried to sing a few songs.

He's doing much better at night. His bedtime (which his little internal clock had picked) is around 8:30. And doesn't need to eat again until 4:00. Nice.

He also loves chewing his diaper rags. He won't bite a teether at all, but he'll suck his diaper rag, bite it, pull it out of his mouth, stuff it back it. I should get a video of that.

That's it (oh, my hair is still falling out like crazy) for now.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Family Weekend

My mother's family all came down to Houston for the Klienwood singing. I think there 1100 people there this year. (Klienwood Church of Christ - they sing for about three hours.)

Then we spent the rest of the weekend visiting with everyone up in Sugarland at my cousin's house. Mom flew in on Thursday and stayed until yesterday. She kept Landon the whole time, which was nice for both of them. Yesterday when we left for work, they were both in the rocker, watching TV.

Landon now loves cereal. It hasn't changed his sleeping habits at all, so don't believe that myth. But the doctor said that it did help with iron levels and that's why it was important to go ahead and start him on it. (I know, I know, you hear all kinds of different advice.) Anyway, he loves it. He really liked it when it was a little runnier because he could do the spit thing, kind of making a razzing sound through his lips.

He still loves his new stroller. Being able to sit forward and see everything - loves it!

Mom and Dad have started our training for the half marathon in Dallas. We'll see how that goes. Its so bloomin' hot.

Oh, and your opinion please! I'm still losing hair like crazy. Yes, I've read that this is normal and it will start the next cycle of growing sometime. But good grief. So I'm wondering if I should cut it short. Any suggestions? I thinking just a little longer than chin length, a bob or something. Of course, this would mean I'd have to blow it straight, but with as thin as it is now, that doesn't take any time at all.