Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Doctor Visit

Took Landon to see the doctor this morning. Upper Respiratory infection and one ear infection (the other one was also starting to get infected.) She gave us an antibiotic and some stronger cough syrup. Hopefully he'll get better soon.

Nights are the worst. He doesn't get any sleep because of the cough. But Bryan woke up this morning and asked how Landon slept last night, which I thought was an odd question because Landon was in our bed, up all night, coughing.

Jodie: "Are you serious? He coughed all night long."
Bryan: "Really?"
Jodie: "Uh, yeah, didn't you hear him?"
Bryan: "Oh, I decided to put ear plugs in before I went to sleep."
Jodie: "Oh.....reeeaaaaaaally....."

I told Bryan he should sleep in the guest room so he could get sleep last night, he declined. Little did I know he already had a plan in place. Ear Plugs. LOL.

Monday, January 29, 2007


We spent the weekend in Austin. My older sister, Jill, ran the 3M Half Marathon there on Sunday. We had a great time. Bryan had never been to Austin and it's been about 10 years since I've been. We went to the state capital, the Texas Historical Museum, the new outlet mall at Round Rock, etc, etc.

We got there around 9 on Friday. It's funny because looking at the map, we kept relating to Houston's maps, thinking it would take us forever to get places, then all of the sudden we'd pass where we needed to be. Austin is quite smaller than Houston. Landon was great on the ride over. His cough got really bad Friday night, and he was awake coughing most of the night. He did better Saturday. We got up early, had some breakfast and headed out to the capital.
They have these cute children playing out in the Capital Yard. Landon thought they were a little strange since they wouldn't talk back to him.

Maybe someday he can be a Texas senator or something...Or maybe it was just fun to play on the soft swinging rope:

What a little hotty!? LOL...

We met my sister and her two friends back at the hotel, then headed out for lunch. Then it was off for shopping. We found (again) great deals at The Children's Place outlet. And Bryan found some things at Gap.

A cold front came through Saturday night. I think the wind chill was 26 around 6 the next morning (when we got up for the race.) Landon fell asleep at the start, so he stayed in the car for mile 2 and mile 4 and was ready to get out at mile 6 (where we missed the girls.) But we found them at mile 8, handed off Kleenex and took off to mile 10.

Landon helped me cheer on the runners. I would yell, "Good Job Runners" and he would yell, "Go!" It was cute and helped a lot of people smile in spite of the last hill and the previous 10 miles they'd just run.

It never really warmed up. Jill and Mary Ann finished strong. Jill hurt her knee (previous injury.) They were ready for a shower and lots of ice. We went back to the hotel, packed up and said goodbye.
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We found a BBQ place outside of Austin for lunch. Landon had beans, tators and pecan pie. And slept the whole way back to Houston. Awesome, huh. So did mom. It was a nice weekend, despite the cold. Got to visit Austin and support Jill in her run.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Gag Reflex

So Landon has inherited his mother's gag reflex. Starting Tuesday night, he has been gagging, then vomiting...projectile vomiting. He eats just fine. Its later, he starts coughing, then gagging, then the vomit. Once on Tuesday, then again Wednesday night, Thursday morning, at daycare and last night at the house. He kept breakfast down today. He doesn't act sick at all. He isn't fussy, or feverish, or anything. He does have a tooth coming in on top and he does have a snotty nose. Any suggestions? When he does it, it seems like he's choking on the mucous in his throat. I've been trying to keep him suctioned out. So maybe that will help.

Finally, some pictures. Isn't he just so cute.

His Fashion Debut!
Fashion Boy

Our little Fisherman...

Guess this paci is pretty funny! (He was probably trying to make me eat it.)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sippy Cup

When I picked Landon up from day care on Monday, he had just finished his first bottle. His teachers told me he wouldn't drink the bottles (but he had sucked down his juice in the sippy cup.) So yesterday I sent two bottles of formula, a sippy of formula and a sippy of milk. He drank almost the whole formula sippy, one bottle and some juice. So we may be moving to sippys faster than I thought.

He really likes these:
And unlike his other ones, I never have to remember to put that white suction thing in.

Landon can move. fast. On Monday night, all he wanted to do was play with the dogs. They would lay still until he got close then move about 10 feet away, so he'd crawl after them again. He'd get the dog toys and take them to the dogs. But the dogs just kept moving away as soon as he got close. Probably has something to do with Landon pulling their fur.

In case you didn't know, I just love him so much. We have so much fun with him. He is such a hoot. It's no wonder people go on to have second babies, the first one tricks them into it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

States I've visited.

I thought it'd be neat to show where I've been, then where Landon has already been.

Here's mine:

And Landon's:


Monday, January 22, 2007

Why this Monday started out really wrong...

1. Woke up late (8:30 to be exact.) Which is the time I am supposed to be at work.
2. Realized I didn't take my medicine last night, so I quickly popped my pills hoping I wouldn't get sick from the time lapse.
3. Landon's coughing like he's smokes 4 packs a day. Not to mention the green snot that flies out of his nose after every sneeze. (Every time he coughs, he finishes it up with a sneeze. Every. Time.)
4. Bryan started to suction out Landon's nose and noticed he was chewing on something - yep, a big ol' Maddie (our cocker spaniel) hair ball. Nice.
5. We put Landon in his high chair so we can fix bottles...he proceeds to dirty his freshly changed diaper.
6. I'm out of gas in the car, so Bry takes Landon to day care while I go to the gas station. I get out, put the pump in, start it up and gas sprays all down my car on my shoes and hose (yes, I'm actually wearing panty hose today.) So, I think to myself, that's odd...and do it again. Moron. It sprays every where again. THEN I think to shove the pump in a little more. Hmm...this time it works. I then give myself a wetwipe wipe down.
7. I go in to buy a big diet dr. pepper (they have the best ice!) and pay...noticing I've just used a card who's account has NO money in it. So, I think, well, I can get to work and transfer money before the transaction goes through.
8. I get to work and the internet is down. So a call to Bry admitting that I'm a moron and I need him to transfer money, and oh yeah, I'll be going to get my car washed at lunch today.

Here's to hoping this day goes better from here.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Big Smile from Landon with his new haircut.

The family, Dad, Mom and Baby Landon, at Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes house:

Dad playing Go Fish with Landon

Landon just being so cute.

Riding the tractor (yes, it's just a lawn mower) with Grandpa Rhodes.

Somebody wants their mama:

Yay! Presents!

Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm Still Alive

Look at all the posts below.

I'm still here, and I'm catching up on everyone's blogs. Give me time. But know that you ALL crack me up and keep me smiling and make my day better. Okay, that's a sappy as I'll get. Miss you guys!

6 Weird Things About Me

Thanks Holly! But, look, you've got me posting again, no longer a lurker!!

The Rules: Each player of this game starts with the six (6) weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a blog post of their own six (6) weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose six (6) people to be tagged and list their names.

(In trying to come up with six, I've realized I'm quite boring.)

1. I can not have my food touch, unless they are of like consistency or belong together. Such as, turkey and dressing can touch, but dressing and sweet potatoes can not. I hate my bread, roll, etc to touch anything soggy. And any veggie juice, green beans, corn, must not mix with any other food. (Which is why I LOVE trays so much. I would eat every meal on a lunchroom (prison) tray if I could.)

2. I'm addicting to eating ice.

3. I put my headphones on at work even though I never listen to music there.

4. I like the toilet paper roll to roll out from the top (understand?) And if I'm at some one's house and it's upside down, I'll take it out and flip it.

5. (My husbands #1 pet peeve) I make this crazy sound to scratch my throat. Kind of sounds like I'm hacking up a hair ball.

6. I ALWAYS take a pen with me to talk to upper management, gives me something to fiddle with.

I tag...
Sandy, Chas, Courtney, Karen, Girl From Florida, Emma

Crawling like Crazy...and other things

Landon is all over the place now. That boy can move, quick! He's standing on his own too, but can't quite get the stepping part down. Which has resulted so far in a busted lip, a bumped eye and a bruised forehead. All of which are barely noticable.

His new words are Gat (cat), Dog, Digga-digga-digga (who knows what that means.) He LOVES dancing. Anytime he hears any kind of beat at all, his start his little bopping. It is SO cute.

And the best thing of all. I bought Landon some squeaky shoes. Oh man, these are great. He loves walking around in them. We've had so many comments on them. He comfortably wears size 3 right now, we ordered size 5 and they'll fit for a while, little big, but good.

He's also learned how to drink his bathtub water using his tub toys. He thinks this is just grand. Its a fun game to see if he can get a drink before mom can stop him. He thinks its just hilarious.

He started watching cartoons - yeah, yeah, tell me what a horrible parent I am. But I love the shows too. LOL. Handy Manny is my favorite right now. Landon also likes to dance when the Wiggles come on. But that Manny and his tools. "Hop Up, Jump In"

New Year's

After a quick turn around, we headed out to Tallahassee to spend New Years with the Rhodes. It's about 12 hours, so this year we decided to stop in Gulfport on the way. Let me back up by saying, we stopped at Cracker Barrel in Beaumont. We LOVE eating at Cracker Barrels. Anyway, it was on the chilly side in the restaurant side, so after we had placed our order, the manager decided to start the fire. Well apparently the wood was wet, so within two minutes, the whole place was filled with smoke. It kept getting worse. They opened the emergencies doors, people by the fireplace had to move. We finished our meal in another part of the place, but by the time we got to car, we reeked. I gave Landon a quick wet wipe bath, changed his clothes...

But that's another reason we decided to stop in Gulfport. We stunk and needed a bath and fresh clothes. The next morning, we hit the outlet mall there. They have a Children's Place where we found shorts and shirts for $2. We loaded up on all sizes.

Tallahassee was great. We stayed with Bryan's parents. We had dinner with all the family, Grandma and Grandpa Purvis, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone out at the barn.

We finally got to see Landon's new cousin, Gavin. He's tiny. 2.5 months and only 8 pounds. They're doing surgery next month to see if they can find the issue. But he's darling and was so good the whole time. You forget how quite their little cries are.

Grace and Grayden (niece and nephew) stayed with us one night. Landon had a great time playing with them. And he LOVED riding the tractor with Grandpa Rhodes. He reached for the door the whole time. Kept wanting to go outside for another ride. It was a really nice vacation.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


(I'll come back and post pictures when I get them loaded.)

We had a wonderful Christmas. On Thursday, Landon had a 9 month well-baby. He checked out perfectly. He's in the 75th percentile for his height, and the 40th for his weight. LOL. He's almost 20 pounds now.

After the appointment, we left for Midland. We got to Jane and Dad's early, early Friday morning, and crashed in the living room. Landon did great on the 9 hour drive. Baby Eistein is the greatest DVDs ever! After watching it three times, he was out.

We stayed at Jane and Dad's Friday night also. It was nice to sit and relax finally. Landon had a great time watching their little Jack Russell and their new puppy, a Golden Retriever. He thought they were just great.

On Saturday we got up and headed on to Muleshoe to see my friends and family. We had lunch planned at Leal's and suprisingly, a lot of old friends showed up. It was great fun. Crystal and Chad came with their two girls, Keetha and Troy and Baby Avery, Tiffany, Bryan F. and his wife, Jana and her kids, my mom and Tiff's mom. We had a table full.

Then we went back to Mom's and did the traditionally holiday cookies. I don't know how I got stuck with this, but everyone thinks I'm the one who's supposed to roll out the dough. Abby, my 4 year old niece, wanted to help this year, or really, she just wanted to play in the flour. The kids had a great time cutting out cookie shapes.

Then Alex, my 7 year old nephew, played Santa Claus for us. He dressed up in my mother's red coat, wore Emma's, 10 year old neice, high heel boots, and put a Santa hat on. He put a plastic walmart back around both ears, for his beard. It was too funny.

We then headed on to Portales, to stay the night with my Grandmother. It was late by the time we got in, so we just visited for a little while and headed to bed. The next morning, Bryan made eggs and bacon for us all while we got ready for church.

After church, we headed to Granny's house (my dad's mom) for Christmas. We had lunch, then did presents and love stockings (for the kids.) Landon had a GREAT time. He got a ride on truck, a hammer and tool set, stuffed animals, everything a boy could want. He loved playing with everything. And really liked the girls dresses! Landon had a great time with my Uncle Ronny. Ronny walked him all over the house. Granny got a digital camera and was having a great time taking pictures.
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Then back to church on Sunday night, then on to Grandma's for the Calton Christmas. Again, Landon had so much fun with all the presents (i.e. wrapping paper.) He got a English/Spanish musical table, some clothes, a cow that moos (he's still scared of it), magnets, a baby doll, a truck, lots of great things. We left the usual games in their boxes and played old fashion cherades. It was hilarious. Even the kids joined in. Landon among all the presents:
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We finally got to sleep, late in the night. Santa found us all the way up in New Mexico! Landon got the dinasour/ball thingy, some rubber duckies, a bunch of dodge balls, some pajamas. He was mostly thrilled with the beads off the Christmas tree. (If Santa had only know. LOL)
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We spent Christmas day at my aunt Sharon's house. Jill and family came over with their four wheelers. Bryan and Trevor had a great time on those, until a wheel came off one of them (no emergencies, thankfully.) We played the kids Guitar Hero, ate lots of great food, watched TV, and just visisted with everyone.

We took our time getting around on Tuesday, stopped at the furniture store to visit (and pick out some great stuff.) Then headed back to Midland. We decided to stay the night, so we got up Wednesday and drove the rest of the way home.

Time for laundry and repacking so we could leave for Tally.
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