Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thoughts from Landon

Landon asked to go to Bryan's office.  I told Landon that Bryan had to move to back to his old office.  Landon asked why he had to move.  I said that they probably didn't have money to pay for the newer building. 
Landon says, "or maybe someone had a cow."


On the way to volleyball, Landon asks, "mom, how do old people pray?"
(no clue where that came from...)


Landon was looking at my wedding ring and told me it was getting loose (I've told him before that it won't come off.) 
Landon:  Why is it getting loose?
Me: That just happens sometimes when my hands get cold.
Landon: Oh, its because you're getting old (I freely admit I have wrinkly old lady hands...I do, seriously.)
Landon looks up at my hair (which hasn't been colored in a few weeks.
Landon: Yep, you're getting old - I see all that white hair.


Landon:  What if everyone was born grown up...and then we had to turn into babies?  And no one could eat healthy food.  And then all the babies would be driving cars.
(He assumes that healthy food makes you grow up big and strong...so "obviously" not eating healthy food makes you grown young like a baby - wish that was true.)


Every time I get Kenzie's hair wet in the tub, Landon starts cracking up and saying that she looks like a boy.  He thinks it's so funny.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Kenzie!!

Well, after a week of not feeling well, Kenzie is finally starting to cheer up (and have less diaper issues - thank goodness!)

We postponed any kind of party for this weekend since she had been so sick.  But she was doing much better on Sunday, so for dinner we headed out to New York Pizzeria, thinking we could get her a magnificent cake there.  Ended up skipping dessert there and picking up a small strawberry cake at HEB.  But by the time we got home, she was ready for bed. 

She opened a present from Mr. Danny and then we sat her down for cake.  She was excited about the candle, but was NOT happy about me trying to get her to eat the cake.  In fact, she just cried and screamed when I put some on her fingers, and then in her mouth.

No point torturing the poor girl with cake (I know, right?!) so I cleaned her up, and took her up to her bed - laid her down and she was asleep before I even walked out the door.

Bryan is planning on making her a special cake this coming weekend - and then we'll give her presents and "celebrate."  Is it wrong that we postponed her first birthday?  LOL.  If we hadn't, she be eating a BRAT cake (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast.) 

Glad she's feeling better - and luckily we had family in for the week to help take care of her.

Kenzie Paige - 1 year Old

Things Kenzie enjoys
  • following Landon
  • hiding her paci's all over the house
  • the tv remote
  • opening cabinets - especially the one with my mixer in it
  • unrolling toilet paper
  • watching the fish
  • putting toys in the toilet
  • saying da-da
  • being outside
  • watching someone open her snack containers
  • crawling under the pews at church
  • say da-da (serioulsy - loves it)
  • she can say pretty, dada, mama, landon, bubba (her nickanme for landon), kenzie, jill (just learned this), emma, da-da-duh, cat, this
  • she can drink through a straw - and loves it
  • going to bed in her crib - without being rocked to sleep
  • taking a bath
  • drinking bath water
  • climbing up the stairs
  • pulling everything out of drawers, purses, bags, boxes
Doesn't enjoy:
  • her sippy cups when their full of cold milk.
  • landon putting his arm on her car seat
  • rocking to sleep
  • rafts at the waterpark (although she loves the water)
  • mom leaving the room
She has her moments, but we've been blessed with a second child that's really good.  It's crazy how different she is from Landon, but at the same time so similiar.  She loves her brother and he loves her (and loves to torment her! - He's so ready for her to be able to wrestle him!)  She loves seeing someone she recognizes.  I love that baby girl - she's beautiful and wonderful and I'm so glad she's ours.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend

I picked up Landon early from school on Friday and we went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 - it was cute and I had a good time spending quality time just me and Landon. 

My sister, brother-in-law and niece came out for the weekend - my niece will be staying for the month of June - she's going to watch Landon.  Kip and Jill came out for the mud run - which turned out to be a great event.  Kip came in first in his heat, even after some crazy stuff with his "team."  It was definitely interesting...Jill and I are ready to sign up for the next one! 

We went to the pool one day - but it was too cold - overcast and windy and Kenzie cried pretty much the whole time we were there.

Jill and I  (and Landon) did the Astro's run on Monday.  All hills!  I had no idea.  And am pretty sure I will not register for it again, ever. It was an okay run - just not what I expected.  Landon did the kids run and was so happy to get a medal.  We hung out there for awhile, got our free tickets (for the week Mom and Jill come back) and then took Jill/Kip to the airport.  After that, it was long naps for everyone.

Landon was very excited to tell me (several times) that he wouldn't be getting in the car this morning since he didn't have to go to school.
Kenzie didn't seem to mind that brother wasn't in the car - but I know she'll be looking for him this afternoon.