Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Landon's Haircut

Overall, not a bad experience, I guess.

We took Landon to Cool Cuts for Kids to get his first hair cut. He LOVED the Lego table and Thoma.s the Tr.ain table. And he loved driving the little yellow cab. What he didn't love was the out of control 7-8 year old behind him screaming his head off (and dodging the clippers, I might add.) Landon thought for sure they were torturing this kid, which upset Landon. Not to mention, Landon busted his lip on the screw that was sticking out of the steering wheel, where I assume a horn used to be. (Yes, we filed a report with them.)

So here's the chronological pictures of his adventure.

And finally, after the haircut (wish you could see his hair all spiked up.)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I took this idea from Sugar and Ice

Here's my list of things I couldn't live without:

Boppy. I thought this was stupid. How could I not hold my own son by myself. LOL. Day 3, went to Target, bought the Boppy.

Bumpy Names
These are so neat. We special ordered Landon's name and I plan on getting some for our new nephew too.

Bath tub seat. Amazing. For a while, we actually took baths with Landon. You can imagine what a pain that would be. Then I tried the sit on the side and hold him. That worked until he realized he could stand up in the bathtub. This seat is great. He loves it and it saves my back.

The Bumbo! Awesome. It took forever to find one in a store. Target finally started carrying them.

Graco Snap n Go.

Playtex Bottles

Medela Pump N Style

Bouncy Chair

Land's End Do it All Diaper Bag. We've had so many compliments on this bag. Its awesome. I'm thinking about getting the Little one for Christmas.

Hook on High Chair. This is awesome. We use it everywhere we go. And it folds up easy to take along. No more nasty restaurant high chairs.

Diaper Dekor from BRU. It's great. No smelly diapers.

Pack N Play. We are using my sister's. I didn't think Landon would ever stay in this, but he loves it now. We have it in our bathroom, so he plays in there while we get ready in the mornings.

Plastic Lined Bibs. Okay, being a new mother, I didn't think it really mattered. That was until Landon started teething. After the first day when he came home with a soaking wet bib, soaking wet shirt, I realized the difference.

Baby Einstein Bouncer

Walker or Exersauser

Walmart Preemie Clothes.
Walmart was the best (most inexpensive) place for preemie outfits. Surprisingly they had a lot to choose from. The were also the only place around that carried preemie diapers.

Gerber Newborn Pacifiers. We tried EVERY SINGLE pacifier out there. Landon was so tiny when he was born, this is the only one he would take. He still loves it, though not as much as before.

That's my list for now. I'm sure there's ton more that I could think of.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Growing up too fast

Landon is growing up so fast! I just can't believe it.

This weekend we went shopping with our friend Nicole. We found one of those cute little chairs for toddlers. I let Landon down to see if he liked it, and guess what, he stood all on his own for about 30 seconds. LOL. We made him do it again and again. So now he pulls up on everything and tries to let go. He doesn't stay up very long. He's also loves to jump ('bounce') He has a exersaucer at school that bounces, so he wants to bounce on everything. The grocery cart, my lap, his seat in Sunday school, his car seat, on the dogs.

Also, he has mastered crawling forward. It's still more of commando style crawl, but he gets there. He pretty much gets anywhere he wants now. And won't stay still for anything. This makes bed time difficult. Previously, when he would wake up, we could go in, pat him and sing and he'd go back to sleep, now he knows how to raise his head up, pull himself over to the side and tries to get up. As you can imagine, it makes getting him back to sleep a little difficult.

We bought a Baby Einstein video this past week. We played it and I thought there's no way this will keep his attention. But guess what, he loves watching it! That and Bear in the Big Blue House. He will actually sit for almost 30 minutes just absorbing the sounds, names, songs from those shows.

(As I sit here and type, I’m watching Landon stand up and 'bounce' in daycare. He'll bounce until he falls on his bottom, then pulls him self back up and bounces some more.)

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Christmas Pictures

Here's a few pictures our friend Nicole took last night. They turned out really great.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Moving more forward...lol

First, thanks for all the comments on the diapers. I'm going to the store tonight to get size 5s. Hopefully that will help.

The fourth tooth is out and his little bites hurt pretty bad now. Especially when he just gets the top layer of skin. It is SO hard not to react, like jerking him off and yelling ouch. Instead, its a calm, "no biting" and here's a toy to chew on.

We played volleyball last night. Nicole watched Landon at the gym. We laid out a few of those gymnastic mats for him to crawl on...he definitely has the backwards crawl done. But he also moved forward. He basically grips with his hands to pull himself, then pushes off with his toes. I'm confindent he'll have it down by the weekend. And I'm not sure that's a good thing. =-)

Today, he has pictures with Santa at his school. I have a meeting at that time, so I don't get to see it. I hope he's not scared. I left him and Bryan asleep in bed this morning. They were too cute together. My two snorers.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Moving Forward

Okay, so just a little forward. Landon crawled about two knee movements forward. He can move like lightening backwards, but yesterday was the first time he went forward on his knees.

His fourth tooth is coming in also. Now he grinds his teeth, which I'm sure feels good on the gums where his tooth is coming in, but, oh, that sound.

Okay, at night, he's going through diapers like crazy! He gets a diaper around 8:00, right before bed time. Around 11 I change him because if I don't he'll wake up soaked. But the last three nights, he's gone through the diaper before 10:30! That means new pajama's, new sheets, new mattress cover. Then we have to get him back to sleep. Any ideas?

Friday, December 1, 2006

Top Tooth

Landon's top tooth is through the gums. So we're up to three teeth now.

He's all over the place. I watched him online today, he was so quick. Even Mrs. Aida was telling me she couldn't keep up with him. We'd been kind of lazy about buckling him into swings, bouncy seats, etc. Not any more. That kiddo tries to stand up every chance he gets. I moved the pack n play into the bathroom (he had been sitting in his bouncy chair while we got ready.) I think the pack n play will be better for him now.

I have some cute pictures of him and Bry in front of the tree. I'll have to post those when I get a chance.

This weekend is Dicken's on the Strand. Its still pretty cold here, so I don't think we'll be taking Landon down for it this year. Maybe next year, or the next, or...lol. Oh, I just remembered Kohl's is having a big sale tonight. Bryan's out at the grocery store picking up dinner. Maybe I'll head out after we eat.