Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008, Part 4

On Friday, we went to my Granny Foster's for lunch. Jane, Dad and my brothers were all able to meet there. We had pizza and had a great time laughing over lunch. Again, more great presents. Landon got a frog tent from GJ and Grandpa that he and Kallie loved. They ended up playing in that for the rest of the afternoon.

That night we went to Clovis to spend some of our giftcards. Then another meal at the Leals there, Jana and Burl were able to meet us. then it was back to mom's.

We finally got packed up on Saturday and headed back to Midland. We spent the night there and headed on to Houston

(Lan's asking to watch madagascar, so i'll have to finish this later.)

Christmas 2008, Part 3

Wednesday night we had steaks and fixings at Sharon's. Landon didn't want to go at first, he wanted to stay at Grammys so Santa could come. We finally convinced him that there were presents at Sharon's too. Of course, that kind of backfired on us when it was time to go to church. He didn't want to leave, we weren't doing presents til we got back from church. Finally, Kallie and Abby convinced him to go with them. We had singing night at church. There was lots of family, the singing was great. Then back to Sharon's.

Again, we got great stuff. Then we played games, Bryan worked more on the puzzle, Apples to Apples was the hit. Then it was time to go home to wait for Santa.

It took a while to get Landon to sleep, but he finally went to bed around 1.

Santa came overnight. We all woke up early, but Landon didn't. We he finally got up, he ran to the living room, saw all the toys. Then screamed that he didn't want to wear his Christmas pajamas. After getting dressed, he ran back to the living room. He was so excited to see his bat cave, batman and friends, his new golf clubs and especially his tool bench. We were soon making a bird house and playing with batman and joker.

We went over to Sharon's for a late lunch. Landon loved playing with his cousins. Every morning he'd wake up and ask if Kallie and Abby were going to be there.

Christmas 2008, Part 2

Tuesday night was Christmas at my mom's house. We always have meatloaf and twiced baked potatoes. Since we had spent the day in Muleshoe, my mom made the cookie dough so it'd be ready to go when we got there. After dinner, I started roll it out...but it just wasn't holding up well. Mom realized she forgot to double the flour. LOL. So we doubled it for the next roll out and kept going. The kids love it, but I try to make sure they are space efficient and don't waste cutting space. LOl. Didn't work so well. But we got lots of cookies rolled out and ready to be iced.

Finally time for presents. Landon got a dart gun, an electronic pitch pipe, gloves, a pillow with his name, an airport set, so many things I can't even remember them all right now. We got giftcards, a great bracelet from my sister, a neat cracking recipe book from my sister, coffee and chocolate stirring spoons.

After presents, we convinced the kids to stop playing with all the toys and ice cookies...not to hard to convince. Mom had bought icing with special tips, but also made home made icing which we usually use. We had fun decorating, but finally tasted the store bought icing - it was gnasty. Mom and I scraped it off all the cookies and replaced it with the home made stuff. Much better.

Christmas 2008, Part 1

After leaving Midland, we went to Portales, made it there in time to enjoy huge crabcakes left over from Sunday Dinner. Everyone was surprised to see us; apparently they thought we'd left Houston that morning. LOL. Not the case. We had just enough time to go to Moms, unload and change our clothes for church.

On Monday, we finally got to Muleshoe to take measurements. We ripped up the bathroom carpet to see what the damage was...not as bad as we thought. We had Alex and picked up Trevor and headed to Clovis. First stop was Lowes. We found a dishwasher on sale, a door, some extra tools and what not. Then it was on to Walmart for paint and painting supplies. We finally made it back to Muleshoe around 4, TJ and Kallie were home and told us that my sister was at Therapy (little stinkers - she was at physical therapy, but they think its hilarious to call it therapy.) Bryan started in on the bathroom floor and I started on the painting. Jill soon got home and was able to roll while I cut in. My best friend from high school came over and we ate at Leals. Yummo. Then back to work, which wasn't as easy since we had full stomachs.

We had to call it a night and return the next day, without Landon, thanks to Grammy. Landon and Abby stayed with Emma and Grammy at the house. We finished up the painting, Bryan finished the floors, Kip had finished the dishwasher the night before, and then Jill, Kallie and I did the floor tiles in the bathrooms. Lots of work, but it looks so much better. Even if it did take the span of 3 months. There's more to do, but that was an improvement for the time being.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cold Start

We got to Midland about 10 on Friday night. Landon did really well in the car, even though the trip was only 9 hours, it seems so much longer. Especially when we drive during the day and I don't get to sleep. (Bry didn't think that was so funny.)

Landon didn't sleep at all. I really mean, none, at all. He cried all night, telling me that daddy put gum in his ear. I gave him Tylenol and benedryl, to no avail. We finally got out of bed around 4 and went to the living room to watch TV. He fell asleep about 7 and we got back in bed. I got up at nine, but Landon slept til almost 11:30. And yeah, he woke up fine. Ear didn't hurt...happy as a lark. Of course, I was exhausted the rest of the day, as was Bry since he'd driven all the day before, then we kept him up til 4.

We met GJ for lunch and then did a little bit of shopping. I had ordered prints to be picked up at Walgreens. I finally got to the counter, told him our name, and they guy pulled out a envelope. I paid, then decided to take a look. Yeah, not our pictures. I told the guy, he checked the outside, but yes, that was our name, but, really, not our pictures. He didn't believe me, so I finally showed him what was in the envelope....a nice black family of five. He laughed, and went to the back and found our pictures. I told him I didn't think my Granny would quite understand the other picture.

Grandpa picked up steaks to grill. We started a fire in the fire pit, but the wind soon picked up with the cold front coming through. My brother came over for dinner, which was delicious. Brats, steaks, corn on the cob and beans. (You'll notice a theme of food for my next several posts.)

Lan slept great last night, we stayed in bed til past nine this morning. Awesome. The cold front has come through. It was a windchill of 15 this am...compared to 80 degrees yesterday! That's Texas for you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Train Table

Since we're heading out to New Mexico soon, we let Landon open his gift from Grandpa and Grandma Rhodes. They got his a train table and train set, Thomas and Percy. He LOVES it. We're going to have to do something about the tracks falling apart, guess we can glue them or tack them or something. But its great.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Couldn't sleep

Well, I guess there's just so much going on in my head, I just couldn't shut it off last night. Even though I was totally exhausted. I only have a little part of one project left and I'm done. That's a great feeling. But now that I'm done, I'm wondering if everyone's going to be happy with the gifts.

So, I finally got out of bed at 5am. Went through my closet...I now have huge piles of clothes for my sister and my niece and goodwill. There are still things in there that I haven't worn in a while, but just can't seem to get rid of them. I also have a huge bag of shoes to go to goodwill.

Our work holiday luncheon is today. I'm hoping there's lots of yummy food so I can gain even more weight and my clothes can be even more uncomfortable. Yay to holidays.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your hair

Yes, my hair is still Landon's security blanket. This week, we thought we'd try out the fake ponytail hair we bought when he was little (it never really worked then.) It was dark in the bedroom, so I clipped it to his pillow and he played with it for quite a while...

Until it came unclipped. He sat straight up, "Mom! You're hair fell off your head!" And me? yeah, I just cracked up. Poor kiddo, prolly freaking out that my hair fell off and I'm just laughing like a madman. I took the hair from him. He says, "I don't want that hair, I want the hair on your head."

Good family dinners

Bry found a roast on sale this week, we ran out of time this weekend since we both put hours in at work, so yesterday morning, I loaded up the slow cooker and headed to work. It smelled so delicious when we got home.

We had roast with onions, carrots and mushrooms, real mashed potatoes (yay to my new mixer! thanks, bry!) fried okra, and dinner rolls. Which, by the way, I love, love, love Sister Schuberts rolls. I have the recipe, but you can get them in the freezer section now. We were laughing and telling stories, and sure enough, I snorted just like Grandma! Or Aunt Sharon, or Jana or Micah, or pretty much any woman in my family. Then, of course, I was laughing so hard I was crying.

I really enjoy having good friends so close that we can share meals just like family. I love cooking food and having people in the house. When I first moved to Houston, I cried, a lot. I missed being around my family. I hated it here. It upset me knowing my sisters, cousins, family were all home together. I missed it all. So much has changed in 10 years. I believe I've finally found my home. I still miss my family, and I still get sad when one of my sisters calls and I know they're all hanging out together. But now, I have great times here, with my "family." Thanks guys.

And back to the story...

After dinner, we were going to head back over to see the lights in Dickinson. Of course, we got there late, and the boys were preoccupied with Justice League, so we decided to opt out of the walking and went to drive around a neighborhood on the other side of the freeway. We were almost finished and Maddox says something like, "I'm going to get sick of this place...I'm sick of being here." So, of course, Landon says, "I'm going to be sick in here too." They're too funny. And even funnier together, feeding off each other.

As soon as we woke up this morning, Landon wanted to know where Maddox was...and then had to ask "why" 398 times.


Last week I took two pregnancy on Monday, one on Tuesday, since I was supposed to start around Thursday, I figured it would be late enough that it might show up...big fat negatives. Oh well, another month. Since last week, I've been having some cramping, headaches, back pain, all the normal stuff you'd get with a period, (sorry male readers!) but I hadn't started. One of my friends in on BC, so I figured she was messing up my hormones - being in an office full of women, that does tend to happen.

This morning, I figured, why I grabbed another test, went to the bathroom...I thought I started to see a line, but thought maybe my eyes were too tired, so I closed them, finished my business, opened my eyes and

two lines.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Morning

Last night we celebrated a friends bday a day early. After some Mexican food, we took the boys over to see the Festival of Lights in Dickinson. Unfortunately we got there as they were closing, so we had to hustle through...though, Bryan didn't have a coat, so I don't think he minded going quickly. We parked at a church down the road and rode a bus over to the lights. Landon kept telling us, "Buses are fun!" LOL. Uh, yeah, remember that Lan when we're making you ride it to junior high.

The software I admin at work upgraded this weekend. Which meant a long morning for me (and others - Thanks guys!) Starting around 6am, I got to working. Luckily, Landon slept in this morning. When he finally woke up, he sat with me for a while...but then got tired of me trying to type around him, so he and Bry started wrestling. Bryan watched him all morning, thankfully. Testing went a lot longer than I expected. And now that I'm finished, they're both upstairs playing cars. I'm hoping landon's ready for a nap, cause mama sure is.

But yay to the upgrade. Everything went well and we're a go. Now I have to get back to Christmas gifts. I did get two more projects done last night. Thankfully. i might can get another two done if I get the boys to sleep.

Friday, December 12, 2008

And the snow is gone...

Back into the 60s for us. Should be in the mid 70s by Sunday. The snow was so much fun and great while it lasted, but this city can not handle that kind of weather.

Yesterday, after my PA (which went well btw, and I'm happy and, I know, blessed to be getting a good raise again this year) Bryan and I decided to take the afternoon off to get some shopping done. I think we're almost finished with everyone. Shopping that is. I need to have a very productive weekend with my other projects. Which means I'm going to have to hide my Nintendo DS or I'll never get anything done.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow fight

After explaining snowball fights to Landon he decided that maybe he did need to go back out. We bundled up and headed to the back yard. Nicole walked over and we had a great time watching the huge flakes come down.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snowy Night

It snowed, in Houston! Clearlake got a good amount, they said 2-3 inches. It snowed for about five hours tonight. Of course, it was 80 yesterday, so I don't think it will stay for long. Although we're supposed to stay below freezing, with wind chills in around 18-19. Yeah.

Landon thought it was great that he had snow in his hair, but he didn't really want stay out...too cold.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend in Review (Go Gators!)

On Friday, I purchased a new game for my DS - hence a weekend that wasn't as productive as it should have been. I did get one more project done. And am still loving my Grandma's sewing machine.

The Grinch was on TV - Landon refers to it as the Bench. Mean, mean bench. Not sure why because he can see ggg. In fact, he'd say, "Gggg, ggg, bench." (He loved it so much, we ended up going to the store and getting it on DVD.)

On Saturday morning, Landon and I made cupcakes (orange and blue) and peanut butter cornflakes. Add that to hot dogs, bratwursts, peppermint pretzels, cookies, dips, chips...big smorgasbord for the SEC championship game. I ate SOOO much this weekend. The game was great. Go Gators! Landon slept through the whole thing, over three hours. He woke up just in time for the win, and then Mel, Maddox, Lan and I headed down to the Christmas parade. We squeezed in to a spot and sat for a while. We were after the judges, so the parade had some lapse time between floats/bands. After about an hour, we realized the kids were done with the parade, so we headed back to the car. (And I should mention here, Mel had two backseat drivers. Maddox was telling her to watch out for the cars coming at us, and Landon was telling her where to turn.)

On Sunday, Nic and I worked in the studio for a couple hours. I did some decal work which really turned out great. and I made like 1000 pendants. Or so it seemed. They should be finished by this afternoon, we have so much more to do. (that list I need to make still hasn't been made.)

Bry grilled some brat's for us, and we sat outside to eat. It was gorgeous out. We just got finished taking Landon out for a ride to see the lights in the neighborhood. I'm not sure if its due to how late Thanksgiving fell or due to the recession, but there's about 1/3 of the lights this year. Maybe half. But the people who did put up lights...I think they're trying to make up for those who didn't. Some yards were really out of control. Maybe I'll take some pictures tomorrow. (Cause I so have time to be doing that.)

Friday, December 5, 2008

One very productive day down...

Yesterday, food wise, AWESOME! I ate really well, and didn't have to eat one tums. Plus, when I finally laid down in bed, I wasn't sick at all. yay! Just shows you how eating right makes your whole life better.

I didn't, however, run yesterday. I take full responsibility for that. But, the time spent not running, I was able to finish one whole project last night. I was blessed to get my Grandmother Calton's sewing machine, along with her sewing table and it's contents. Let me just say, her machine is about 30 times better than mine. At first, I couldn't even get it threaded and working, so I went back to using my old one. Well, its done. Some thing's wrong with the tension - I'm going to have to take it apart to look at it. So, I dig through the table, and sure enough, she has the manual for the machine! I get everything set up and away I a sewing fool. The "projects" turned out really great, I hope my family thinks so.

Tonight, I start my second set of sewing projects. These might take a little bit longer since it requires a lot of hemming. I have everything set up in the guest room. It actually works out really nicely, probably because the room is huge.

I still haven't completely made a good list for everything I need to get done, but I'll do that today, since I know some of my tasks require shopping.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tractor Time

Grammy and Bubby got Landon a tractor for Christmas. It came in this week, so Bryan and Aubrey worked on putting it together.

Christmas Giving

Good grief...did y'all know that it's December? Yeah, December. I keep thinking, oh, next week I'll do this or I can order that then. But, no, I'm running out of "next week" and really, I have two and a half weeks to get stuff done. which really means only two weekends before we leave for the Holidays.

Sounds like list time, huh? Well, I can't list what all i need to do, since some family members read this and it would spoil there Christmas surprises, so I'm going to have to get serious with a list on my own. And that includes doing some shopping. Luckily for me, none of my shopping is anywhere near a mall. Thank goodness.

I still need a few ideas for Bryan. I have some smaller things for stocking stuffers, but he really hasn't mentioned anything else he really wants. Any great ideas would be welcomed.

And now I'm off to make my list.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Santa was in the mall in Tallahassee and there was NO line! Seriously. Landon wasn't afraid at all...went right up to him, sat in his lap and asked for a tool bench like Daddy's and a batman cave. And, of course, he promised to be good.

Some random pictures from this weekend. Landon playing with Grandma Purvis' dog, Cocoa. The dog jumped in Aubrey's lap too, well, he actually jumped in everyone's lap. Landon ate some tangerines on the porch with Grandma. And then of course, Landon and Daddy resting after a long night drive to Fla.

Sing a song

Landon no longer wants to hear Jingle Bells or Twinkle Star at night.

He now asks for "our song" - which when asked what our song is, he replies:

"you know, the one with shrek and donkey and landon and mommy, and a princess, and a dragon and a lion."

Oh, you meant that song. Yeah, cause now I have to make up a song and its amazing how quickly my imagination shuts down at 10pm while trying to get a kid to sleep.

Thanksgiving 2008

We had a lunchtime feast. Bryan's grandparents have worked and lived on Ted Turner's plantation for EVER. Well, Ted's son, Beau (Beauregard), has built an awesome covered area, with a huge playground, a life size doll house filled with toys, and, uh, a huge hunting practice area or something. Anyway - that's where we had our Thanksgiving feast, with all of Bryan's family. Minus Bryan's sister and kids who went to California and his brother, who didn't get up in time to ride with us. Landon had a wonderful time playing on everything and with all the toys. Who wouldn't, right?

It was perfect weather. In the low 60s, with a nice breeze. There was a ton of food. I spent most the time visiting with Bryan's aunts. Its funny how similar his family is to mine.
After lunch, we went by Grandman and Granddad Purvis' new house. Bry's uncles bought a dump and turned it completely around. It looks really great. His grandfather quit working out at the plantation, so they moved into town. I think they're both sad to be stuck in the house all day, but Shorty (that's bry's granddad) did tell Bry that he might just sleep all day now.

On Friday, Bry and I got up early and did some shopping. Found some good deals, waited in some long lines, had some delicious Krispy Kremes and wonderful coffee. That night Bry's Granddad's uncle had a fish fry out in the middle of nowhere. Seriously, nothing but woods around us. The food, once again, was great.

After that, I was exhausted. Bryan went out with friends, Landon and I went to bed. Unfortunately, I got sick and had to visit the porcelain god. Landon comes in, "Whatcha doin' mommy?" - Uh, nothing, could you hold my hair? LOL. Finally got everything out and got Landon back to bed, not a fun night.

The rest of the weekend was fun - I'll do the Gator game in a separate post. Landon had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa. We started out late on Sunday and didn't get home until midnight last night. It was a long, long drive. The drive seems easier at night, probably because I don't have a two year old jumping on me, going crazy in a 3x4 back of a SUV.