Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catching Up

  • I'm still coughing. I think it's getting worse, but I do not have time to go to the doctor.

  • I learned you can't buy NyQuil with an expired drivers license

  • Your husband can buy it for you

  • If your license expires, you can not renew it online, and have to go to the office and wait in line and hope you pass the eye exam.

  • Mom and sis were in town. Stayed at the Westin with them and shopped the Galleria yesterday. Ate at Baba Yegas...had a great day off of work.

  • Introduced mom and sis to the Great Chiropractor. They were singing his praises all night

That's it. Short and, well, short. I have to see if Dr. D can get me in today and if I can get to the DMV some time.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tootsie Rolls

Tootsie Roll from jodielea on Vimeo.

Cold Weather

Morning Coffee

Here's Landon drinking his morning "coppee"

Weekend Update


Landon woke up at 3, asking for his mommy, so I headed up there...fell asleep until 5, I knew my alarm was going to go off at 5:30, so I went ahead and got up and starting packing up everything for the day. Nicole walked over and Mr. Loi and Ms. Kristine pulled up to follow us in the car. Lan woke up as we were backing out of the driveway and told us he needed to go potty. So I jump out and let him go in the grass. It was cold enough that it was steaming!

Down to the race. We park in a good lot we found during Luke's Half a couple years ago, but ended up walking way out of the way, when the actual race start was just a block down from where we were. We tallied it up to a warm up for us. Got our packets, milled around, realized the finish line was going to be uphill (hello?!) and finally got ready to start. I knew I started out pretty fast, since you immediately go downhill after crossing the starting line. There were lots more hills than I imagined. I can't really remember all my thoughts during the race. I know after the two mile mark I wanted to walk, but didn't. There were two guys ahead of me that I was trying to keep pace with and managed to do that til the very end. I finished somewhere right under 30 minutes, my nano said 29:49, I'll look for official results later. (Just checked the web, I ran a 29:46!)

(some guy dressed up as prefontane - it was Hilarious! he had the hair, the tiny shorts and i think he was even in flip flops.)

The rest of the group came in soon after that. We grabbed some food bags and headed back to the car. Ms. Kristine told us about a place for breakfast so we loaded up again and headed over there. Its Baba Yega's - and it was beautiful. They were serving a brunch, so we found a table by the back patio and enjoyed a wonderful spread. They had a small creek with fish and some water fountains. Lots of trees and plants.

Sandy and crew found us as we were finishing up, off to the zoo. Oh. my. gosh. It was so crowded. We ended up parking in the hospital parking garage on the back side and got in quickly. We did things a little bit backwards and were very ready to go before we'd seen half of it all. After getting to the elephants, Landon told me he needed to go I took off at a slight jog with him back to the bathrooms by the koalas. We made it. Landon was sitting on the potty, bent over trying to poo...when he nods off! Yep, fell asleep while pooping. I had to wake him up to get him to finish. I carried back a sleeping child and we decided to call it a day.

When we got home, landon woke up and asked where the animals were. We had to explain and he started crying. Poor guy, but he fell asleep again, so lucky us. We ordered pizza and just hung out at the house.

We brought Landon down to our bed in the morning. I reminded him that we were going to see the airplanes, and he replies, "Not yet, mama, not yet." LOL. The crew show up to the house and we load up the car. 8 people, 2 strollers, 2 professional cameras and lots of bags...we did it. We head out to the air show. Thanks to Runge, it was a great event. We got into the VIP tent. It was hot, hot, hot yesterday. We tried to find shade everywhere we went. The kids loved it. But we had to call it a day before the the Thunderbirds came out. Just too hot for everyone. So we over to Marble Slab. (Pumpkin ice cream with graham crackers.) Then back to the house.

We unloaded the car and were getting Ms. Sandy's stuff ready to go, when I heard a commotion on the stairs and then screaming! Sandy's oldest son had fallen down the stairs and cut his cheek on the bottom of the banister. Sandy grabs the older son and I get her other son in his carseat and we head to an emergency clinic down the road. Short of it - her son has to have 6 stitches...fought us the whole time, he definitely hates not being the one in control, but was a pretty good trooper after it was all over (and we weren't holding him down anymore.) I'm sure he's bruised up today, and a little sore. But I know he's so happy he gets to stay home with him mama. The doctors were very good and very patient in the given circumstances and it looked like a good stitch job.

(think the weekends over yet? not hardly.)

It was Mr. Danny's birthday, so after the ER trip, he picks Habachi for dinner. Landon loves to watch the chefs throw around the cooking utensils and food. He even tried to catch rice in his mouth, twice. We ended up at a table with two couples that were totally wasted and working their way on being plastered. And, lucky us, they wanted to talk and share stories. Seriously? How do we find these people? One of the guys was a total jerk and kept shooting off his mouth. It was so embarrassing...for us, since apparently they didn't notice how obnoxious they were.

And that wraps up the weekend. After sweating in the hot sun yesterday, its very cold and windy here today. Crazy Texas weather. I have tons of pictures, I'll try to get posted soon.

Friday, October 24, 2008


No, that isn't a typo. Landon is officially moving up to the "preschool" side of daycare. Wow. He hasn't yet had any trouble transitioning, as long as his friends get to move up too. Yesterday when I picked him up, he told me was doing spanish. Took me a while to figure out what he was saying.

Daddy was playing golf, so Landon and I had a fun night together. Its not often that its just the two of us. We wrestled and read and watched scooby. We were going to go for a walk, but Landon told me it was too cold, so we went back in.

He slept through the night in his bed last night. Didn't wake up and call for me until 7:30 this morning. Wow. I really do miss snuggling with him, but I don't miss him pulling my hair at 2am.

Zoo Boo tomorrow and then an Airshow on Sunday. Should be a great weekend.

Air Show and weekend plans

A friend is like King of the air port out there, so he was able to get us a car pass for the airshow this weekend (see my Meez on the sidebar.) I'm way excited about it. I've never been to one before. Plus Landon will love it.

About that run tomorrow...LOL. I'm trying to find off a nagging cough, and the cold air (yeah, its actually going to be cold...well, in the 40s) is going to not be good. But its always a fun run and my friends are either going to be running or cheering so I'm starting to look forward to it. Oh, and the lows in the mid 40s, not the high...the high is 80 or something tomorrow. So much for the cold front.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

No, I can't...

Last night was volleyball...Mr Danny has an ear ache, so he volunteered to watch Landon while we played. Bryan picked up Lan from day care and noticed his report said that he never fell asleep during nap time. yay. LOL.

Bry tried to prep Landon about the night, saying,
Bry: "Guess who's coming over?"
Landon: "Maddox!!!!"
Bry: "No, ma-Dee" (that's mr danny)
Lan: "No, maddox coming."
Bry: "No, Daddy has to go to the gym, so Mr. Danny's coming over, you can play with him."
Lan: "I can't. I need go too."
Lan: "I can't dooooo it."

Of course, when Mr. Danny got there and asked if Landon wanted to go outside...all was forgotten. He gave Daddy a kiss, said goodbye and told him to go.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blacky the Koala

At the mall this weekend, we decided to do Lan picked out a Koala (who knows why?!) He loves, loves, loves this store. And they have batman T-shirts for the bears now!

All weekend, Blacky was with Landon, he rode in the car, he ate chicken nuggets and candy with Landon. And Lan really, reallly wanted him to take a bath with him. Yeah, had to explain that furry animals don't take baths. Its really cute to watch him taking care of the koala. And funny to see what things he decides to do with him.

BTW - this is his new "cheese" smile for the camera.


Lan wanted to try out his new Batman costume. It barely fits. But better than being too big. He loved it!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wonderful Day

I had a wonderful birthday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes. Bryan took me out for a delicious lunch, where the pork chop was the size of my head...okay, maybe Landon's head. After work, I came home to even more delicious treats. We had yellow cake with chocolate frosting, decorated with pumpkins, orange sprinkles and candy corn. Bryan and Landon gave me a new watch, its really pretty...and 'very me.' I also got great gifts from friends and family. Thank you all so much. My Granny found the dress she made for me for my first day of first grade. She sent it to me. It is so cute, I'll have to take a picture.

After eating cake (yummo!) it was off to volleyball. The league's been off for four weeks due to damage from Ike. And yeah, we played a little like we'd had four weeks off. But we won all three games and I used muscles I haven't used in a while.

Lan has a bad cough, so we were up most of the night. I ended up hitting snooze on my alarm for over an hour and a half.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

10, 8

Today, Landon wanted to wear his Elmo watch. And he wanted mom to have her watch on too. Both wearing our watches, I ask him what time his watch says...he tells me 10, 8. I laugh, then look at his is 10:08!! Seriously? Did my kid just read numbers?!

I quickly text everyone that Lan could read numbers. A little while later I ask him to tell me what time it is, to which he replies, 7,8,9. So, he can either read numbers or got a very lucky guess.

As for halloween, he keeps telling everyone he's going to be a friendly ghost, but when I try to get him to wear a ghost costume, he wants nothing to do with it. He's also mentioned scooby doo and spiderman, and of course, superman and batman. So, I guess the real decision will come down to game time. let's just hope he wants to BE something on Halloween.

And he really does like the "smell my feet" line after trick or treat...if I say that, he scrunches up his nose and say, "Noooo, that's stinky piggies"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Baby Jesus

I have a great necklace (from squidglass on etsy) that has a lady sewing. I love, love, love this necklace. It reminds me of my Grandmother.

I was wearing that necklace this week and Landon asked me about it. I said that it was just like Grandma Calton, but that Grandma Calton was now in Heaven.

Landon's reply...

"Oh yeah, with baby Jesus"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pumpkin Walk

Tonight, after Daddy got home. Lan decides he wants to go for a walk to see the Pumpkins (i.e., the inflatable blow ups around our neighborhood.) We ask if he wants to go to the store to get his own...and yeah, he's way excited about that. So we get everything packed up, bag, purse, etc. and head to the car. But this is where confusion sets in. Lan wants to walk to get a pumpkin, obviously not understanding that we live in Texas and 1)there's no normal public transportation and 2) there's not any stores in walking distance. So we compromise, go for a short walk around our block, then jump in the car to find a yard decoration.

Yeah, what were we thinking? It's like that time on Thanksgiving when we realize ALL of our neighbors had Christmas lights up and we go to the store, only all the house lights are already sold out...on Thanksgiving. Anyway, just two weekends ago, they're were Halloween blow ups EVERY WHERE! Tonight, none. Not a single one. But, Landon understood and was just as excited to see the Santa blowups. I'm thinking we better snag one of these before they sell out.

And before you go "white-trash" labeling me, you have to understand our neighborhood. EVERY SINGLE HOUSE has lights or inflatables or cut outs or all of the above. Every. One. The first year we lived in this neighborhood (at our old house) there were only 5 houses on our street that didn't have lights and two of those were still for sale.

Also - Lan pee'ed on Mr. Danny tonight. LOL. But probably not as funny to Danny. We used to have two cocker spaniels and every time Mr. Danny came over, he'd get Mason (the boy) all riled up and inevitably, Mason would pee all over the kitchen floor. I was kind of thinking he did the same thing to Landon. Lan just gets so excited when Mr. Danny comes by.

Catching up

I realized I've really let this blog slip. Which is sad, cause Landon is always doing something memorable. So this is my attempt to catch up.

  • He loves to tell me "one minute mom" and "i be right back" while holding his finger up for me to stay where I am.

  • We're in big boy undies, but still have the occasional accident. He really only lets me take him to the potty, which kind of gets to be a pain.

  • He loves the bathroom at Don Julio's because it has a huge black leather ottoman that he wants to lay on (how disgusting - I'm gagging just thinking about it) so if we ever eat there, it's a guaranteed 6 trips to the potty

  • He's discovered Baby Scooby. Bryan's now working the 10-6 shift, so he gets to spend mornings with Landon.

  • While laying down now, he says, "I need your hair." Yeah, he still loves to play with my hair to go to sleep. If I say no, then he'll either say, "I not hurting you" or "your hair is so pretty" I really should get these on tape because his accent is hilarious.

  • He's also learned to say, "Yes it do" which is now his remark whenever he doesn't believe us.

  • I'm starting to work on getting him in his bed upstairs.

  • Its going to take forever.

  • Because I love snuggling with him

  • Landon's had a great time with family for the last couple weeks.

  • He LOVES to run. Loves it. I hope that continues.

That's a good list for now. With my other blog, I usually try to keep family stuff out of it, meaning to post that stuff over here, but then I never do.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My little gentleman

I was so proud of Landon today. Well, I'm always proud of him, but today was an awe-inspiring moment. I went into his classroom and he was picking up animals. He was actually THE ONLY one picking up animals. He asked me to help. So together we started picking up all the dinosaurs, alligators, bugs...while all the other kids continued to run around the room playing. The teacher kept saying, "everyone pick up the animals please." But Lan was the only one doing it. So, then the teacher gives Landon a sticker for helping - at which point all the other kids realize they should have been helping and try to get a sticker. Lan politely says, "Thank you" and gets his bag.

We walked to the front of day care and every day Landon gets a sucker. But before he gets a sucker, he knows to ask Ms. Donna "Please" - so Ms. Donna is busy talking with a parent, Landon just stands beside her until she acknowledges him, then asks "Peeesseee?" Miss Donna says that yes he can have a sucker. Lan picks it out and then goes and stands next to Miss Donna until she looks at him again. He quickly says "Thank you" and smiles his flirty little smile and runs over to me, so excited he got a sucker (which he gets

He's so cute and adorable, I just want to smother him with kisses.

Oh, and before I left to go shopping with Miss Cole tonight. Bry was sitting on the floor in front of Landon who was on the couch. I bend over and give Bry a kiss. Lan says, "my kisses" and puts his arm around my head and pulls me to him and kisses me! LOL. It was the funniest thing. Then he and Bry "fought" over who got mommy's kisses. Ahh...I love my guys. So incredibly love them.

Star light, star bright...

I actually got up this morning and ran. Yeah-huh! Mostly because I didn't run last night, my legs were hurting as in, "uh, why did you think you could let us get lazy for months and then take us out and abuse us" hurt. And I convinced myself it was too warm to run (being 88 at 8pm.) So, this morning it was.

I had to get my clothes out of the car, and I thought, well, I'll see what the temp feels like and if its nice, I'll change and run, if not, then I'll get ready for work. While getting in the car, a mom and her daughter (under 12 years, I'd guess) jog by, chatting away. (Totally made me think of Viv for some reason.) So then, I'm thinking, if this girl can get up before the sun and run with her mom, then what's my excuse. Quickly went inside and got ready. Only my nike+ sensor was sensing (i hate apple) so I had to go find Bry's to make a switch.

Started the run, my hammies were screaming at me, so I just turned up the iPod to try to drown out their pitiful screams. Then I look up and see stars - get out - I"m up so early, that stars are still shining? So, as I'm looking up, I do the whole, "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight (or this morning) wish I may, wish I might, not die on this run tonight." And as I finish up the wish, I look back down to where I'm running and totally almost run into a parked truck. Yeah, Parked. Truck. LOL. So much for my wish, right.

Finished in 21:11, not quiet as great as my last two miles (not counting the third mile) but then again I didn't die when I finished, so that's a good sign, right. I even had the abilities to make coffee.

As for cracking, I'm not enjoying the maintenance week. I guess enjoying isn't the word. I don't know, I feel like without carb down days I'm never going to lose any more fat. Like I'm cheating eating two carbs a day or something. But its all a program and its specific, so I'll do my maintenance weeks, enjoying carbs in the AM and see what happens. I can always do another 8 weeks after this. I'm mostly happy with my size/weight right now, but another 5 pounds would be nice. I have four to get to my "what i always thought was a good" weight. But my clothes are all fitting nicely again, so really if I can just maintain, it'd be nice (oh good grief, see duh - maintenance week - hello.) Anyway...going to drink my coffee, with a tad bit of pumpkin pie syrup and enjoy today.

OH! totally thought about this during my run. For you morning runners, do you eat before you run? I could totally tell a difference this morning not having any food, where as when I run in the afternoons, I have a day full of energy (food) already in me, verses mornings when I've been "fasting" for 10 hours while asleep. Beachrunner - you have a good following, maybe you can do a poll one of these days. Time of run: Morning, Afternoon, Evening and depending on the time of your run, do you eat before?