Friday, May 6, 2011

Catching the bad guys

Last night, Landon and his friend had a great convo...

Mason: I wish there were no parents, so we could do whatever we wanted.
Me: If you didn't have parents, you wouldn't have any one to buy you toys!
Mason: We could steal the toys!
Me: Well, then you'd be in jail for stealing.
Mason: There wouldn't be any jails
Me: Then all the bad guys would be free - and they might try to get you.
Landon: Well, I'll be the policeman!! 
Landon: Wait, how do you even learn to be a policeman
Me: You have to go to the Police Academy
Landon: Well, I already know how to catch bad guys.  First you need a net...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • Bryan is in California for the week...
  • Kenzie starting running a fever on Tuesday.  She felt warm when I picked her up from school, so I gave her some tylenol.  Miss Cole watched her while I played volleyball.  Kenzie slept in her lap the whole time I think - which ended up being a lot longer than expected since our ref showed up 30 minutes late.
  • I kept her home from daycare, she still ran a fever, and I didn't want them calling which would mean I'd have to keep her home two days.
  • She did well, she's not eating food at all.  I'm guessing teeth - this is pretty much exactly how she was when her bottoms ones came through. The top ones have been so close for EVER.
  • After school yesterday, Landon thought he could jump on a ball.  A very large ball.  Needless to say, he couldn't.  He fell on his neck, and wouldn't move his head at all.  I started getting nervous about it.  Tried to call Bryan to see what to do (remember - he's in California in meetings all day.)  Finally text our friend (chiropractor) to see if he was still at his office.  He wasn't, but said he'd come by.
  • I called Mr. Danny to come over to help watch Landon (he wouldn't walk at the time.) So I could take care of Kenzie. Danny kind of freaked when I told him Landon hurt his neck - understandable, since he has fused metal in his own...
  • Dr came by, checked out Landon - who at this point was bawling cause he didn't to be checked out.  He finally let Max work on him, He was able to adjust his neck.
  • Kenzie finally went to bed...only to wake up at 12 and stay up til 3.  I tried everything.  I can't even remember now how she finally went to bed.
  • We all three slept in my bed last night, after that.  She woke up again at 5, I gave her a bottle and then she was still fussy, so she watched Mickey Mouse until she fell asleep (yes, I realize I'm letting a 10 month old watch TV.)
  • Landon woke up sore, stiff, but surprisingly didn't ask to stay home from school (Thank goodness cause I'm almost out of vacation now.)
On a different note, Kenzie is completely weaned.  That decision was made for various reasons.  I do miss nursing her, but am SO relieved to not be pumping at work anymore.  I have a small supply still in the freezer, we're using that and soy formula now, which she is doing fine on.  She hasn't nursed in over a week. But last night, I noticed some pain - think I have a clogged duct.  I planned on taking a hot shower or bath when I got Landon to sleep, but I fell asleep too, and then by the time I realized that, K was awake again.  Trying massage and warm heat today.

I'm sure today will be better than yesterday...

Monday, May 2, 2011

Walking and Kindergarten Registration

Kenzie's been "walking" for a while.  She'd take steps here and there...and then remember that crawling was WAY faster for her.  She's walked using things for about four months now...but this weekend - oh wow.  That girls was walking everywhere.  She's still a little unsure...and it takes her a while, but she's choosing to do it instead of crawl.  Last night in the kitchen she took 15 steps!!  All the way down the kitchen to get to the fridge magnets.  Insane.  And I know she's just going to get faster and faster.

Tomorrow we're registering Landon for Kindergarten.  He's excited to see the school.  I'm SO nervous.  But I'm trying my hardest not to let him see that.  I really don't want him to be nervous like I am about things (but, I know he already is that way.)  We have all the documents ready.  Can't believe it's time.