Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gotta Love It

You know it's going to be a great day when you wake up to hear your 18 month old saying "poop" over the baby monitor.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sick Child

I got a call from daycare Friday afternoon - letting me know that Landon was sick to his stomach.  Landon's been bullied at daycare this week - nothing very serious, but enough to make me want to find the bully!  Bryan and I talked to Landon and tried to explain why kids bully other kids, and how he should react.  Anyway, I thought his stomach ache might be related to that.  As it turns out, he was really sick.

We got home and he was acting normal.  Then all of the sudden, he runs to the bathroom.  Sure enough, vomits everywhere.  Kenzie follows us in and she starts copying Landon making gagging sounds.  About 10 minutes later...the sickness comes out the other side.  Then he starts complaining of chills. Landon went to bed at 6 that night!!

He was okay the rest of the weekend, still having a few issues with stomach stuff.  But then he got a horrible cough and could barely talk.  His nose has been running non-stop.  We kept a bucket for him to use to throw up...sure enough, Kenzie picks it up and pretends to gag.

Thankfully tomorrow is a holiday and Bryan can stay home with Landon.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011 - Part 3

After presents at my mom's, we cleaned up and headed to my Granny's house.  More delicious food. We sat and laughed - Kenzie was ready to eat again, we pulled out the old high chair that we used when we were kids.  So many kids have used that chair.

After lunch, and plenty of dessert, it was time for presents.  The great-grands get to hand out presents and then we wait for everyone to settle down before opening.  I LOVE watching the kids open presents.  Everyone's talking at once, laughs, screams of joy, yells of "thank you" everyone in motion.  We're so blessed to have such a big family.

The big hit was a chair shaped like a football from GJ and Grandpa, given to Landon.  Kenzie, however believe's it belongs to her.  Landon also got a Foosball table which he was dying to open right then and there.

After the presents, the little kids (anyone still in school - and Shiloh - ha) get to open their Love Stockings.  These are special stockings not from Santa, but from Granny and Papa.  I loved seeing what little treats were in my stocking when I was little.  Now, I get to watch Landon and Kenzie open their's.

Sometimes we have time to stay and play cards, but today we just sat and visited.  We missed having GJ,  Grandpa, Ty and Tanner with us this year.  Uncle Ronnie took Dad's place and was soon napping in the LaZboy.

Grandkids (minus Ty, Tanner, and Travis)

Christmas 2011 - Part 2

Saturday morning we had Christmas with my mom and sisters.  Everyone came over for breakfast - which worked out great and will probably be the new tradition (replacing the old tradition of dinner on the 23rd.)  Bryan cooked breakfast tacos, mom made pigs in a blanket.  It was all delicious.  It was soon a blur of wrapping paper and laughing kids.

E!!  She always tries to hide in pictures, Cousins - waiting to open presents.

Dark picture - sorry. More waiting.

My eyes are closed - like 80% of my pictures.  Kenzie wasn't too sure about her horse.

Landon - happy to have more toys!

Kenzie getting Grammy to read to her.

We got great things from everyone.  I love being able to have Christmas with my sisters.  Love seeing Landon with all his cousins.  Kenzie asking everyone she sees for more "pop-pop."

Christmas 2011 - Part 1

The holiday's always, always go by way too quickly.  I want more time with my family!!

A snow storm was supposed to move into New Mexico/West Texas on the day we originally planned to leave.  Christmas with my mom and sisters is always on the 23rd (since we have 1000 Christmas's to do)  Since it looked like the snow and freezing temps would be coming in Thursday evening we left a day early.  Unfortunately, we had to drive through horrible storms in the Houston area - but luckily our Mr. D loaned us a 400x4888 foot tarp - not kidding, this thing was huge, but it worked perfectly for wrapping up our luggage.  (We put a platform hitch on the back of the van and load it with locking Rubbermaid...nice, huh?)

It was a long drive, stopping several times to rest, but we made it to Lubbock in time for some breakfast at my sister's new house.
Side story - Landon woke up in the middle of the night needing to go to the bathroom.
Me: "Put on your shoes and Dad will take you in."
Landon: "I can't find my shoes"
Me (thinking): Seriously - we so left town with out shoes - Landon had been playing in the van while we packed/loaded and we never grabbed shoes!!!
So, once in Lubbock, we stopped by Academy and got Landon new shoes.  He's already up a size from Thanksgiving!

After checking out my sisters new house, we made our way onto New Mexico, still thinking we'd be seeing snow soon.  Turned out the storm was moving slower than expected and Mom's Christmas' would be Saturday morning.  But it was great to be out there early - have I mentioned I love spending time with my family?  LOL.

Since the snow was coming, my younger sister decided to stay in town at my mom's too.  We had great fun laughing and visiting.
Bryan and I made cookies on Friday - it was late and we used a different icing recipe, which I guess everyone wasn't thrilled with - I ate probably 50 cookies over the next week.

We decided to make Friday night "our" Christmas - so Landon and Kenzie, Bryan and I opened presents that night.

 Landon got sky-lander for the PS3 - and was SO excited.  Kenzie got a baby doll.  Bryan got a Kindle and I got new Vera - I'm hooked!  Bryan and I both got new gloves from the kids - excited about mine - they have the tech finger, so I can use my phone while wearing them.

The kids got a Disney Christmas story book...I love this picture.  Grammy reading to them - I love how Landon is rubbing Kenzie's head.  And Bella - sitting sound asleep beside Landon (since all they did was wrestle all day!)