Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Morning Sickness

Ahh, yes, "morning" sickness has arrived...that is, of course, if you define morning as 7:30am to 9:00pm. But I think I manage to keep about half of what I eat down, so that's a good thing, right? I did keep down some rice yesterday evening and was able to run almost two miles, then had some chicken noodle soup. Which is oh, so delicious.

Bryan and I found some maternity clothes on sale at Motherhood. Even cheaper (and way cuter) than Target's line. There's an Old Navy about 40 minutes from here that carries maternity instore - maybe I'll get a chance to run by there sometime in the next few weeks.

If I hadn't said before, I have packed up all of my size 8's...boo hoo hoo. The tens won't be far behind. You'd think with all this barfing, I'd be about size 6 by now. Yeah, no. But my abs are super sore.

Oh, we did get our first present yesterday from Lisa. A green blanket with a duck, a sun, and a teddy bear on it...and a gift card to Babies R Us. And we saw the nusery bedding we wanted on EBay, but lost the bid. Oh well...no biggy. Talked to the boss today to get a deviated work schedule. I can now come in at 8:30 if I need to (mainly if I'm spending the morning at the Loo.) Speaking of...I think they should sell those garden pads - for working on your knees - to pregnant women who have to continually kneel in front of the john. You could decorate it with cute baby stuff...or have it say something like "This will all be worth it" Something catchy like that.

Well, back to my ginger ale and crackers. =-)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Easy Quesy

Yesterday went well. No throwing up. And I told the Sandy, Nicole and Lisa. They were so excited and I'm much relieved not to have to keep it all a secret. So I lasted, what, two days? Who cares. After not being able to sleep Tuesday night (the need to urinate starting at around 2am) I came in to work at 5:30 - yes, I'm crazy. I also realized that the Kroger down the road isn't open 24 hours as I always assumed. I managed to make it to about 3:30, then went home and crashed until 6:30, when Bryan woke me up to play sand volleyball.

Sand Volleyball

I will never play sand again (or at least not for the next year.) The first match stunk. I was nervous and stunk it pretty bad. The last match, I worked much harder, several full body dives (that I truly regret now.) But I'm not too sore today, which is a good thing. I didn't eat before we played last night, and about three hours into the games, I was sick. Luckily a friend has some "Tang" and let me have a few sips.

As for today - we started last night trying to keep the dogs out of the bed. So about every hour, we had to tell one of them to get back off. But other than that, I slept well...at least better than the previous two nights. Had bar-b-que for lunch, which I'm now regretting as I sit here and feel it waiting in my throat. But what I probably need the most is just more water. I'm exhausted and would love a nap - but I think I may rather go shopping and look for a new bra and maybe some shirts that fit my ever expanding chest. =-)

Monday, August 15, 2005

Two lines?

Yep - two lines. Decided I better test this morning (being a total of 11 days late) and what do you know? Two lines. Ran straight to the bedroom, woke Bryan up and made him come check it out.

So I called the doctor, and I have an appt for next Thursday. That seems like forever from now! At least my GP gave me a prescription for vitamins. But whoa - now I seriously need to start eating right. Of course, I want to test again, cause there's always a chance that it could have been a false positive.

Now I'm not sure what I should do about the GRE. I think I'll keep studying for now. If I took it, I'd have five years to decide if I have time to go back. Its probably a good idea either way. But I definitely have to put my marathon training schedule up. =-) Oh well, who really has time to run 18 miles on the weekend? At least now I may have an excuse for my clothes getting tighter and its not the new gas dryer, or Fiesta Azteca (well, it probably is Fiesta, but...) Which reminds me, no more McDonalds, or Whataburger, or junk like that. I've got to start cooking chicken, and sweet potatoes and all that stuff that's good for me. Which I need to do, positive hpt or not.


We spent the weekend shopping for a dining table - didn't really find anything we liked. Also watched Kill Bill, Vol. 2 which stunk. Yesterday, Nicole came over with the dogs and we worked on the yard for the afternoon (nice sunburn on my shoulders and some very sore hamstrings.) Bryan's parents offered to come down for Thanksgiving and help us build out the room. I was hoping all my family could come too...of course, we'd need more beds and a table. Yes, a table would definitely help.