Saturday, August 30, 2008

Potty Training

Yep. Potty Training.

I'm not happy with daycare and they're 'attempts' at potty training. Which basically consist of having the kids pull down their own pants, use the potty, and pull up their undies or pullups and pants. Three times this week, the ladies haven't paid attention while landon was using the bathroom or after he finished and he's ended up having accidents on his clothes. Whatever. So, I took the three day weekend to do some training at home.

We started in big boy undies this morning. We have his potty seat set up in the half bath, a picture for stickers when he finishes and a bowl of 'treats.' He's done fairly well today. Yes, we've had a few accidents, but change of clothes, cleaned the floor and we're back at it. One was during nap time, which I totally expected. We've convinced him to put his "night time" pull ups on with his jammies, we'll work on night time later. LOL.

We took him to get his haircut on Thursday. He fell asleep! Yep. She asked him to look down so she could trim up his neck and all the sudden he started bobbing. LOL. I had to hold his cheeks so she could finish. He didn't wake up at all. We went over to Walmart after that and he slept the whole time. (Totally a growth spurt.)

Bryan found a dinasour bread cut out. It makes two dinos out of toast. Landon was so excited about it. We did a dry-run on our boards for the windows. Some fit, some needed trimming. I convinced Bryan to leave the back boards our bedroom is like a cave. It's awesome! Soooooo dark.

I think Lan's finally growing out of 2T. Yeah, I know, he's 2 1/2. But hey, we were in 12 months for ever. He's getting so tall. I'm just glad its not time for jeans, cause I don't think we'll be able to find anything long enough to stay on his waist.

Still watching Gustav's track. Looks like its heading to Houma...we have good friends there, they're in our prayers.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Even More Volleyball

...though it didn't include me playing.

Did you see May/Walsh last night!? They are so good. Had me nervous for a while there, but they pulled out a repeat Gold! Another. Gold. How awesome is that?! And our women's indoor team is playing for the Gold too....the men's team headed that way... Do we rock or what? Go USA.

And, if I haven't said it lately, I am really enjoying this new WOE (Way Of Eating - Crack the fat-loss code.) Its very simple to follow, I'm never hungry and I eat good food. Like Bryan's deewishus steaks. Oh yum. My sister is still enjoying it also. Even through a horrible week, her house flooding, her daughter breaking an arm, her son having a root canal, she's still sticking to it. Good job, Jilligan. Nic's doing great too. She even brought a steak over last night and ate with us.

(And no, I still haven't run this week...hmm...wonder if I still know how.)


Landon was driving a toy through Nicole's hair last night, so I asked if he wanted to brush it. He shook his head no, thought about it for a minute, then decided yes, he would. I headed for the bathroom to get a hairbrush, but Landon bounded past me, saying, "I get it. I get it."
Out he comes with his batman tooth brush...trying to brush Miss Cole's hair.
LOL. We convinced him (mostly) that a toothbrush was for teeth and not hair. He had a great time trying to hide her under the blankets and pillows.

He really wanted to work on his Dad's car with him last night. But, after seeing how dirty Bryan's hands were, he decided that wasn't such a great idea.

I believe he's definitely going through a growth spurt. Two days in a row, he's come home and immediately asked for food. And then proceeds to eat everything we give him. He even ate twice on Tuesday. Then he tells us (early) that he's tired and ready for bed. Wow. Once in bed, he realized his daddy was going to take a shower, so he, of course, wanted to take one also. After that he decided to call Grandpa Rhodes about riding the tractor (lawn mower) next week.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Volleyball and more volleyball

Bryan's on a Monday reverse 4s team. So this Monday, Landon and I were headed up to watch him when we got a call that one of the girls wouldn't be able to make it. Yes, I am listed as a sub on the team, and yes, I almost always have a gym bag with clothes in my car. Almost always. Not that night. Luckily I convinced a friend to bring me a sports bra and some socks. The rest I could manage. That was the first night of soreness. Ibuprofen that night and again yesterday morning. I'm not used to blocking at the net and that's way more jumping than I've done in about 8 years.

Tuesday night was our regular season. Won all three games, but I'm sore and achy. (whine...whine...whine...) I used to be play five times a week. Not any more. I'd have to invest in a permanent ice bath and ibuprofen by the pound.

If my back doesn't feel better, I plan to visit my good doctor for a much needed adjustment. And embarrassingly enough, I'm wearing crocs with my dress today. Seriously. But I do have my heels in case my feet need to go somewhere other than under my desk.

Oh, and the ac issues reported earlier. Quite the opposite now. They had turned the air off to keep us from freezing, so after our complaint, apparently, they feel no need to keep us warm now. So sweatshirts, gloves and socks were also on my list of things to bring to work today.

My WOE (crack the fat-loss code) is going well. I put on a skirt I got a few weeks ago, and actaully laughed out loud at how it was already too big. Today is a baseline day, which means I ate yummy english muffin for breakfast with my eggs and beef. AND. and... AND! I get to have rice, brocolli and chicken at lunch. Yummo!

Oh monkey boots, I forgot to do the pushup challenge last night. Not that I had the energy to do it. K, have to do it tonight while I'm watching the Beach finals.

Monday, August 18, 2008

KRK Open House

Landon's school had an open house this weekend. Each room had different games for the kids to play and then they won prices. Lan loved it. The theme was 50's Sock Hop, so the prizes included blow up microphone and guitars, some spike bracelets, cookies, bubbles, etc. It started pouring before we got through all the rooms, so we sat for a while in the cafe, while Bryan and Landon had hotdogs and lemonade.

On Sunday, we ran errands, it being Tax free weekend and all. Got some pull-ups and new shoes for Landon. And spent about an hour in Sports Authority, but didn't get anything. Lan did get to practice his putting. (Oh and yes, he was superman all day.) Pic taken with my phone, not the best quality.

And I found a way to get Landon to eat. If I cut his food into shapes, he eats everything on the plate. We did this for breakfast (cinn. toast) and for dinner (grilled cheese.) And again this morning. He loves it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Silver Glitter Head

I came home to one sparkling boy yesterday. And no, I'm not talking about his personality - although he was in a great mood - I'm talking about the whole package of silver glitter that was in his hair.

Apparently, while doing an art project at school, Casey (a kid in lan's room) poured pretty much a whole tube of silver glitter on top of Landon. Lan thought it was pretty hilarious and kept telling us "Casey dooooo it." We showered, and scrubbed and rinsed, and shampooed, and combed and rinsed...and I'd say there's still enough to make a good Christmas ornament. I'm guessing it'll be a couple weeks before it all comes out. I took video of it last night, all sparkling, but forgot to upload it.

(And there's now glitter all over our couch, living room, bathroom and bed.)

Glitter Head from jodielea on Vimeo.

(Actually Landon did it all himself...poor Casey, getting a bad rap.)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday night, I went to a 'girls party' and no, it wasn't tupperware. Bryan had Landon and Maddox, until Max arrived. Apparently, he said it was a wrestling match most of the night. I got home around 10:30, Lan was still awake, but Bry was about to pass out.

Saturday, we headed out to Toys R Us to look for a birthday present for Maddox. Lan was in heaven. We were the only people in the store for a good 45 minutes. Lan got a Thomas tricycle and he could actually reach the peddles! He rode it around for quite awhile. I'm telling you if it was Christmas, we'd be set. There were so many things he (we) wanted to get...but we had to keep reminding him that it was Maddox's birthday and we had to find a present for Maddox. He was excited about that...and then kept looking for Maddox to show up (I guess to give him a present.)

We got a nap in before the party (thank goodness) and headed over. Lan was a little shy at first, but finally woke up and had a great time. He really kind of kept to himself most of the party, but was definitely ready for Maddox to open all the toys so they could play.

Sunday, we got up and went to the pool. Again, we were the only ones there all morning. Lan played keep-away from Daddy with his super hero diving toys. Then it was mostly swimming and flips. After that, Lan took a trip with Nic and I to the book store.

Nicole: "Lan, are you shy?"
Landon: "No, I tired."

LOL - he fell asleep on the way home. Then he ran around the rest of the night with Daddy and Mr. Danny. Finally falling asleep (mostly) around 10:30. The rest of the night, it was "mommy, mommy, whatcha doin?" but he stayed asleep unless I didn't answer. Long night.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rock N Roll Update

Looking over my marathon training for the month, I realized I had a nine miler coming up this weekend. LOL. Uh, yeah, about that...having taken more than a month off of running, I see no reason to push myself back to where I should have been in my 26.2 training. So, alas, I'm dropping down to the half. Which makes it only a four mile run this weekend, and doesn't that sound so much better than nine!

Well, there's alway Austin in February.

BTW - in the picture in the previous post. The lady beside me in pink was encouraging me to run faster, so I did, at which point, she gets behind me and uses me to block the wind. She encouraged me to be her drafter!

Family Weekend

We had a grand weekend. My mom, along with my neice and nephew, flew in to town on Wednesday. We unloaded there stuff and headed out to Kemah. Ate at Joe's, then walked the boardwalk.

We took stale cheese nips to feed the fish, then Trevor and Emma fed the stingrays...well, long story, actually. Trevor and Emma paid to go in and feed, but neither wanted to hold the little fish and let the sting rays suck it out of their hands. I finally decided I'd go in and do it for them. Yeah, brave me. Ended up, all five us, screaming and jumping back anytime one would come up to suck down a fish.

Then we went over to the fountains, Landon and Maddox had a great time avoiding the water, up until the end. We were walking away and Maddox wanted to look at one more fountain. Sure enough, the fountain, instead of shooting straight up, shot straight to his face. He jumped back, but just started laughing. Good thing. He thought it was hilarious. Trevor was upset the wooden roller coaster wasn't going, but I think Bryan was secretly rejoicing over that.

Thursday evening, we went down to Galveston to the water park. We got seperated from Trevor, Emma and Mom in the first 10 minutes. Lan had a great time on the Pirate ship in the kids area, but we convinced him to get in the lazy river. He had lots of fun riding around. Us, well, the lazy river aint so lazy. And come to find out, you can only get back to the kiddie area if you take the "white water rapids" fork, which is REALLY hard to do. So mom never made it back to our area until she got out and walked. We happened to run into Trevor and Emma while waiting inline for a tube ride. We all finally made it back together and took Trevor and Emma and Mom back to the rapids, since they were never able to get their rafts over that way. It was lots of fun, we were definitely exhausted by the time it was over.

Jill, Kip and the rest of their family came in early Friday morning. Bry and I worked a couple hours, then we all headed out to the Wildlife park. Kip and Tay decided to play golf instead. We had a great time, even though mom threw her camera to the rhino (lol - we got the lady to stop the tram so she could retrieve it before the animals took a bite.) There were so many baby deer out there. It was hot, but everyone had a great time.

We went home and cleaned up to head to the Kleinwood singing. There were 1300 people there this year. The songs should be online in the next couple of weeks. RJ mentioned Grandma again, saying what a great woman she was and how happy she'd be to see all her family here again this year. Of course, we all teared up after that. Then one of the next songs was "When the Roll is Called Up Yonder" - which was one of my Grandad's favorite songs. Even when the alzheimers was getting really bad, he'd lead that song, (no matter what number he told us to turn too. =-) We'd all just sing along.)

Saturday morning, a few of us did the Maribelle 5k. I think it was about 19038 degrees at 7:30 when the race started. (Seriously, probably around 90 and that's without the heat index.) It was hot. But we all finished without injury. Then it was back to our house for mom's french toast, Bry's 'on the grill bacon' and lots of other goodies.

The boys all went to play golf that afternoon, and we headed up to Kim's house for more food and singing. My cousin Katie has worked really hard to get all of my grandmother's pictures and slides on CDs. We watched that on the TV all weekend, fun to see all the old pictures. She also made 3-4 scrapbooks with clippings, cards, etc that they found in Grandma's stuff. It was really neat to see everything Grandma had saved.

Sunday, we all went to church in Belliare and then on to Rio Ranch for lunch. Some people flew out, some went to Kim's, we went shopping.

Everyone had a great time. It always goes by way too fast.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Ran a 5k this weekend. Small time event, but fun. And oh man, it was hot. Hot, hot, hot. I came in just under 32, which I believe may be my third worst time. LOL.

But having run again since the whole mono thing, I realized how much pace and aerobics I've lost in the last month. So I've decided (pretty much) that I better rethink doing the San Antonio full marathon to just doing the half. I'll have to think about it for a little bit, but that's probably wear I'm heading.

Had a great weekend with family here.
Just got an email to prepare our workstations and office to shut down for TS Eduardo. Guess I'll have to write more later.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Bay Area Toros Baseball Game

Scrunchy Face.

Here's Maddox, tasting a peanut shell. LOL.

Best Friends!