Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Soccer

We had a late cold front come through this week. Wasn't sure Kenzie and I would go to soccer but it ended up being a nice morning.
Here's a photo of Kenzie putting on her makeup before soccer.
And another photo of Bryan giving Landon some soccer advice.

Family Sunday

We actually got up early enough to stop at McDonalds for breakfast before church. Kenzie is always excited to put on beautiful dresses, but it's a fight every Sunday to get Landon in "dress clothes" which means khaki shorts. You'd think they burned his skin.
The promise of park after lunch got everyone up and ready.
After church, we stopped by the house, changed and headed back out. McAlister's for lunch, where we got to visit with friends. Then on to Challenger park.
We first went on nature walks. Spotted a huge spider which I'm convinced was a tarantula. (Picture on Bryan's phone.) After going down a couple trails we headed back to the playgrounds. Kenzie loves to swing. Loves it. Landon of course still loves monkey bars. He's always been a climber. It was a fun afternoon.