Friday, October 22, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Mackenzie is 4 months old today.  Every parent with more than two children know this, but it's just crazy how different she can be from Landon. 

We started cereal two nights ago....and she LOVES it.  LOVES, LOVES, LOVES IT!  She wanted to eat more and more.  I started out with just a small amount, but I'm telling you, she could have eaten a whole baby food jar size bowl.  I don't think we're going to have any eating issues with her like we did with Landon (who still won't eat anything new.)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sibling Interaction

On the way home from school today, Mackenzie was exhuasted and just barely awake, but she started fussing.

Landon says: "Mackenzie (in his sing song voice) remember you're a good girl, and good girls don't cry.  You don't want to be a bad girl.  You want to be a good girl.'re such a good girl."

Took all I had not to crack up.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October Update

The kids are wonderful - as I'm sure every parent says about their own kids.  But, we are blessed, cause Landon and Mackenzie truly are really great kids.   I think maybe God knew I couldn't handle more than that. 

Mackenzie has been rolling over.  She loves it. And Landon thinks its hilarious.  He pulls her to her stomach so she'll roll over again.  Then he just cracks up and it starts all over again.

They're both doing "okay" with sleeping.  Landon has been coming down to sleep by Bryan int he middle of the night - luckily a promise of a Star Wars book from the school book fair has put a temporary stop to that, and he's been in his own bed all night for three nights now.  Mackenzie's night waiver.  Last night for example, she slept from 8:30 to 4:30 (AWESOME!)  The night before she went about 6 hours and then another 5 hours.  But the night  before that, she ate every hour from 2:00 on...Am I exhausted?  Sure, aren't most parents (doesn't even matter the age of their kids!)  But she's a great baby, not up crying, screaming, so I'm SOOO not complaining.  I'll deal with her unusual hunger if that's all I have to deal with.

She's eating three 5 ounce bottles at school now.  And then eats again a couple times before bed.  Landon's still a picky eater, and won't eat Tuesdays (Ravioli) or Fridays (fish sticks) of every other week.  he's doing better at home.  He's tried crab and cereal and steak.  LOL.

Mackenzie loves her Landon (bubba.)  She cracks up just when you say "Bubba."  She watches him all over the room.  Landon is ready for her to be mobile.  He was excited when she was rolling over because he thought that meant she got to move up to the next classroom (with Mason's sister.)

Landon is still loving gymnastics.  His bff Mason goes now too, and they're both really good.  He's really in to Ben 10 and is going to be Spider Monkey for Halloween.

Sorry, its been so long since an update.  I'm just enjoying being a mom. 

Oh!  And Bryan - man, oh man.  He had Monday off, so he changed his brakes.  He had the back two tires off and somehow (with a hammer) sliced open his finger trying to get a lug nut off.  he had to try to clean it up and bandage it and then put the tires back on so he could go to the doctor (after he ate lunch, of course.)
She decided not to do stitches, she was afraid she'd introduce more dirt into the wound.  So he has butterflies and antibiotics.  It still looks horrible.  Other than that, he's doing good.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Football Saturday

Kenzie loves, loves, loves watching football.
Landon just loves jumping on Dad and doing flips on the couch.

My Sweet Girl