Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Landon!

Landon had a great 4th birthday!  He choose a Star Wars theme.  Bryan made light sabers using pool noodles - what a hit!  We had green/blue cupcakes in "Yoda" holders and a green/blue layered cake featuring a Yoda bobble-head.  (used the gel coloring! wow!)  And masks for all the kids (Yoda, Storm Troppers, etc.)

Landon had tons of friends come over - it was beautiful out.  We rented a jumper with a slide and a cotton candy machine, both turned out great.  Landon got a ton of great gifts, books, star wars figurines, hot wheel tracks, sooo many things.  It was like Christmas morning for him.  Lucky to have so many friends!

All the pictures are posted here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Houston Rodeo

Bryan bought tickets for Jo.nas Brothers, thinking my mom might bring some of my nephews and/or nieces.
Ended up, Mom came with Trevor (nephew), Emma (niece) and my aunt Sharon. We had a packed weekend!

They flew in Friday morning. Landon and I did some shopping (hobby lobby and Joann’s - my two new favorite stores!) before heading to the airport. Picked up everyone and met Bryan at Pei Wei for lunch. Then we went over to Charming Charlie’s - where Sharon, Mom and Emma found lots of great things. After that it was back to the house for some relaxing before Bryan got home.

Friday night we went out to Kemah, ate at Joe's and then walked through the stores. Mom bought all the kids some candy and then we had beignets.

Started out Saturday morning with a trip to the chiro - he worked on all of us - Sharon said her thumbs felt great! Then headed over to Kohls, where Mom and Sharon found great deals! Lunch was pizza and a huge ball of bread (about the size of a turkey!) at New York Pizzeria.  We then went to the movies. Sharon, Bryan, Landon and I saw "Alice in the Wonderland" in 3D (Landon told us he could see it, cause he was "a lot brave.") Mom, Trevor and Emma went to see Valentine's Day.  Alice in Wonderland was pretty good.  Glad we picked 3D.  Landon said his favorite part was when they chop off the Mad Hatter's head. 

We drove to Sugarland for dinner at my cousin's Katie's house. Finally got to meet baby Cora - she's beautiful! And Katie and Mitchell's house is just grand. Talked and Laughed until late that night.

Sunday morning, we went to church in Bellaire. Then stopped by Target to change clothes to head over to the Rodeo. Another delicious meal including: Fried Gator, corn dogs, onion blossom, barbeque, roasted corn and chicken fried bacon (called fat back in the south.) We then walked through all the booths. Man - exhausting.
Time for the rodeo and concert - so MANY girls! Demi sang a few songs - not very well. Not sure if her sound checks weren't good or if she just didn't perform well. Jo.nas Brothers (or as Landon calls them "the jonas boys") were great. Landon fell asleep in the first song and slept through the whole concert.

Funny Landon quotes from this weekend:
On Friday morning, he walked into our bedroom, stopped and said, "Who cleaned all this?"
I told him that I did.  He asks, "Did you get tired?"
We then walked out to the car and he says, "mom you cleaned the car very nice"

When we got home from the airport on Friday, we all walked into the living room and Landon's shouts, "oh no, mom, we forgot to pick up" (the house looked pretty grand to me)  But he pointed to a batman mask that was laying on the ottoman!

The announcer said it was time for the "Calf Scramble." 
Landon wanted to know, "How they going to scrabble the cows?"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Bryan's finishing up the magnetic chalkboard. It's close to being done. He needs to caulk around the seams.

Lan already loves it. I made some magnets frames and magnet from scrapbooking cardstock. Cute.

I wanted to figure out a way to make a chalk holder or something that would be magnetic. We'll see...since I have like 1000 projects I'd like to do right now.

Here's a picture - not great quality, it came from my phone...

Recover Glider Rocker

So I spent about an hour last night working on the glider we bought when I was pregnant with Landon. You can see in the pictures it used to be that nasty blue. I cut the old fabric away from the foam and used it as a pattern for the new fabric - which Landon and I got at Hobby Lobby for 40% off (yay coupons!)

I got the seat and ottamon finished. Way Cute! I love it. The colors are a little different than the bedding, but I think its just great. And much better than the old blue - which was disgusting when I pulled it off.

BTW - that's the baby mattress on the floor - where the crib *will* be. Since Landon's crib is now his full size head and foot board, we'll be buying a new crib for Baby Kenzie.