Wednesday, November 30, 2005


We had a late game last night - 9:30...and guess what Jodie thought she should do? Yep - dive for a ball. Mid-dive I realized how stupid it was and managed to land mostly on my chest and elbow - which has a nice court burn in the shape of a quarter now. We ended up winning two, losing one. One more week (playoffs) and I'm done with volleyball for a while.

Baby Rhodes kicked all through yesterday's meeting (3 hours.) Guess, just like mama, he didn't want to be there.

Bryan made breakfast this morning - eggs, over medium, turkey bacon and biscuits. Which was delicious - and I've had heartburn ever since. (Oh, and Baby Rhodes has decided its time to start kicking again.)

We also stopped by the bank today at lunch, and yippee, no more $8 a month checking fees. Let's see, I've had the account for 6 years, that 72 months of $8 fees - a grand total of $576 dollars for the bank to hold my money. Nice.

I think we've decided to decorate the house/yard for Christmas. We'll have to run by Hobby Lobby or Lowes after work today to get the lights. Not sure what exactly we'll do, I kind of like the red and white yards...but we'll see. I'm guessing it will turn out to be more trouble than pleasure - but if all 99 of our neighbor's are going to do it, we might as well join in.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

20 Week Check Up

Ahh...never schedule a doctor's appointment the day you return from vacation. Still full from our Thanksgiving feast, Dr. Johnson has asked me to take a step back from the table. =-) I was a little upset about it yesterday, but I'd lost five pounds (water weight) this morning, so Dippity-do. And, guess what, my next appointment is right after Christmas!

Baby is measuring 20 weeks, which is exactly what we thought. April 13th is still his doctor's due date, but the ultrasound tech mentioned the 15th.

We went through the baby things my sisters sent with us this weekend. Lots and Lots of girly stuff that we save for next time. I wiped down most of the other stuff (i.e. baby swing, bouncy chair, bassinet, etc.) The baby's room is already full and we don't even have the big stuff yet! I definitely need to run by the store and get some little hangers.