Friday, October 12, 2012

Reading / Yogurt

Kenzie LOVES this book.  It doesn't even really rhyme very well.  But she loves it.  She usually has Bryan read it to her, several times.  Here she decided to read it herself.
(And what a cute outfit from GJ and Grandpa!)

Landon's favorite place is Yogurt Bear - he LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEESSSSS it.  Kenzie enjoys it too.  But Landon always want the table with checkers.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

No More Pacifier

 Kenzie got a boo-boo at school. Her and a friend were fighting over a pot and the other kid let go - smacked Kenzie right in the lip.  Ouch!  However - she will no longer use her pacifier because it hurts.  So we may be off the paci for good!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

West Texas Football and Parade

We went out to West Texas for the weekend and were able to see my nephew's pep ralley - The kids loved the band and cheerleaders!

Headed to Rosa's for pre-game dinner!  Yummo.

Unfortunately, it rained through the whole game!  Jill and I sat together and took turns holding an umbrella over us.  Trying to keep it from dripping down our backs.

On Saturday, we made it to Portales in time for the Parade!  The rain stopped long enough for the Parade, the kids eagerly waited for the candy to come.

After the parade, we skipped Eastern's game and headed over to visit my Granny Foster. (Jill and Kenzie snuggling)

Kenzie wearing the wig!  Hilarious.

Kenzie and the pup's at Jill's house.

It was a fast trip, but always fun to be back with family.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Soccer - Hot Shots

Landon is playing fall soccer on a 5 and 6 year old team.  His team is pretty good this year.  Our first game was at noon today.  Luckily it was a little cloudy, and we had umbrellas.  Landon is super fast.  I'm amazed that he keeps going and going.  (Doesn't get that from me...that's for sure.)  They won 1-0, with Landon scoring the only goal. He had another goal, that the goalie caught inside the goal, but the ref didn't call it.  Oh well. =-)

Kenzie played well, she would yell for the team after Bryan and I would yell.  And she thought it was really funny that a girl on Landon's team was name "MacKenzie" too.  After the game, Landon told us he would remember this game for the rest of his life.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wildlife at work

We're lucky to have a pretty cool place to work.  On site here, we have two big ponds, that have fish, turtles and lots of ducks.  I think they've announced a couple times not to feed the animals, but every one does...(is that a valid excuse?)  Anyway - on Friday, Bryan brought the kids up here, along with a loaf of bread and we fed the ducks and turtles.  Of course, Kenzie ate most of her bread instead of throwing it.

Here Landon is doing some kind of ninja move on the duck with her babies...while Kenzie is trying her hardest to catch up.  On the next picture, you see Landon trying to keep Kenzie back so she wouldn't "upset" the mama.

Walking Sharley

Every once in a while Landon gets up really early - like 6am.  This morning, not only did we all get up early, we were all ready by 7:10!  Bryan had a training class at 8, and Kenzie begged to go with him to school.  Since this doesn't happen very often, Bryan took her.  So Landon and I had about 50 minutes to pass before  it was time to take him to school.  We decided to walk Sharley.  Landon said he was freezing (it was about 75 out) so he ended up running with Sharley, then waiting for me to catch up, then running some more.  It was a perfect start to my morning.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Typical Night for Kenzie

Before we go to bed, Kenzie gets to watch Dora or Mickey in our bed.  Most the time it's just her meme and her blanket, but every once in a while, she wants the babies to join us.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Happenings

Grammy bought Kenzie this beautiful dress.  She's in desperate need of more fall dresses. (And shoes...and pants...)  She was putting on her makeup, which I didn't get a picture of, but then she put all her makeup back in her purse and was ready to go.

Not really sure what they were doing - Landon likes do to crazy moves when I want to take a picture, so then of course, Kenzie tries to copy whatever he does.

Sunday lunch at Red River is the best - they bring free blue bell ice cream to all the tables.  The kids love it.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Took the kids to the park so Bryan could watch football.  Going to the park isn't as easy now that Kenzie's not in diapers or pullups.  But we still had a great time.

Trip to the park

Saturdays are now football days.  And it's very hard for Bryan to watch football with both kids running around crazy.  He's never complained, he usually just sets up the laptop and watches the game with a headphone in one ear.  But the kids were going crazy and really need to let out some energy.  Luckily, it's starting to cool off here - low 90s.  So we headed to Landon's school playground.  As we got there, Landon says, "I have so many ideas I've wanted to try!"  Apparently, 1st graders don't get to use the monkey bars - which is the first thing he wanted to do.  The kids both had a great time, then we headed over to their "track" to get Landon's half mile in for the day.  Kenzie ran, but not much.