Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back to work...already!

Can you believe it?  It's already time for me to head back to work.  I only took the 6 (paid) weeks off.  We just can't afford to take 6 more weeks unpaid (well, we could afford to, but then my lifestyle would have to change and I don't deal with that very well.  LOL.)

So, I'll be back at work on Monday.  My older sister and two of her kids came in last night.  I'm so excited to have family in for the next couple of weeks.  Last night was already heaven!  Of course, everyone was ready for bed and Miss Mackenzie was wide awake at 11!  Jill and TJ took her to the guest room and rocked her to sleep, letting me go to sleep early.  Once she gets to sleep, she sleeps well, she just likes being up late.  Or I guess I should say, her schedule is skewed by about three hours.  She sleeps really well from 12 to 9.  And then its normal daytime schedule.

I'm so proud of my milk supply this time around.  I just look in the freezer in awe.  I already have so much milk stored up.  And we haven't supplemented at all yet.  Not there's anything wrong with that.  We had to with Landon, it broke my heart the first time, but then you realize that's its more important for him to get the nutrients he needs than for me to stress about producing enough, which in turn causes you not to produce as much. 
But luckily, Mackenzie is a much better eater than Landon.  As you can see from all her pictures.  Speaking of pictures - she looks exactly like my baby pictures.  EXACTLY.

Since we have family coming in for the next 6 weeks to watch Mackenzie, we've also changed Landon to part time at daycare.  He'll only go Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  The same as his best friend Mason.  We figured he'd be begging to stay home with family anyway because he doesn't like going when Mason isn't there. So, why not save money at the same time.  He's pretty excited about it.  Although he's really ready for Mackenzie to go to school.  And to crawl.  And to talk.  LOL.

Today's our anniversary.  We don't have any big plans, although my niece Kallie told us that we could go to dinner and a movie while they watched the kids.  She even told us we could pick whatever movie we wanted.  We're all taking a late breakfast at La Brisa, which I've been wanting to do for a while now.  I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes

Bryan's parents made a quick trip out here to see the kiddos.  They're coming back in late August to babysit.  Landon had a great time playing with Grandma and Grandpa.  And of course, they loved seeing both kids.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

First Bottle

I've started pumping so I'll be ready for work (in two weeks, ugh!!!)

Here's Landon giving Mackenzie a bottle....he loves her so much.  It's just wonderful.

BTW - his shirt is a costume that looks like a Wild West sheriff.  When I woke up on Friday, he was wearing this (Thanks mother-in-law)  We were going to meet Bryan at Perry's for lunch (pretty nice restaurant.)  So I tell Landon we need to change his shirt. 
Landon: "Why mom?  Cause people will think I'm too cool in this one?  They'll think I have a gun."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ben 10

Landon is loving Ben 10 now.  He has almost all the action figure toys, and wants to check Wal-mart and Target every time we go out.

Bryan got another Ben 10 DVD on netflix for him this week.  We put the DVD in and as it's starting Landon says, "Who's the culprit behind this one?"

I just forget he's growing up!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Airport Past Time

Landon - waiting for our flight to visit family after Kenzie was born.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July

We went to New Mexico for the fourth.  After we got Mom on the airplane in Houston, we headed west.  The kids were great in the car.  Landon stayed in his car seat the whole trip (yeah, yeah, I know, he should always do that...but 10 hours...)  Neither kid minded being in the seats much.  Landon got a new Ben Ten DVD, which we watched about 6 times.

After stopping in Midland for the night, we headed on to New Mexico for the annual fishing at Nana's.  Since everyone in the family was there, Nana Sharon hired a photographer to come out...I can not wait to see the group picture - it will be great.  We also had the photographer take a family photo of us (Rhodes) but I didn't think quick enough to ask someone else to take one, so we'll have to wait to see what she got. Landon was done with pictures pretty soon and cried through the cousins pictures.  And I'll have to be cropped out of mom's grandchildren picture - it was the only way Landon would sit for it.

After pictures, it was time for fishing.  For me, it was time to nurse and cool off inside.  Bryan fished all night (and actually missed dinner because all the food was gone by the time he was finished.)  He came in late, asking calmly if anyone had a knife...we looked up and saw he had a hook stuck in his finger.  His line had caught in the tree, and when he yanked it out, it flew back and stuck in his hand.  After much deliberations and lots of advice, Kip cut his finger with a razor blade so the hook could come out.

Saturday, we woke up early and headed to Muleshoe for the parade.  It rained all the way there, but stopped long enough for the parade and then it started back.  When we woke up that morning, Landon said he didn't want to go - and no one was going.  He repeated that over and over (he was supposed to ride with his cousins on the float...)  Well, once the candy started flying, he remembered that he liked parades.  After it was over, he told Bryan that "his brain was broken.  It didn't remember that parades were fun."  LOL.

After the parade, we visited Williams Bros and then headed to Leal's for lunch.  With 21 people, we had quite a wait.  While we were in the car waiting (I nursed) Keetha came to the car for a short visit.  She had her two kids - who are absolutely beautiful.  Then she was off and we finally got a table.

After Leal's, we headed back to NM to visit with Granny Foster.  The kids played apple baseball in the backyard while Jana, Uncle Ronnie, Granny and I visited inside. Saturday night was back at Nana's for fish and excellent hush puppies!  Delicious.  Landon played with cousins and had a great time.

Sunday, we were able to sleep in since church starts a little late.  When we got to church we noticed it was a bit cousin Katie and I were in the ladies room nursing and thought we were going to pass out.  We attributed it to being packed in with family (47 of us.)  Sunday Lunch at nana's and then the kids went swimming at Micah's house. 
Services Sunday night were unbearable!  The thermostat read 80 degrees!  It was miserable.  We found out that the AC has a freon 

We went back to Nana's for pizza before the fireworks.  For the firework show, we drove down to the college and parked in an empty lot.  The best place to view fireworks.  We were right in front of them, about a 100 yards away.  And the show was spectacular. 

On Monday, Bryan headed back to Houston.  Landon and I stayed til Thursday.  I'll have to make that another post.  Just so much to remember.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Visit with Grandpa and GJ

On our way out to New Mexico/West Texas for the Fourth of July, we stopped at GJ and Grandpa's new house.  Wow.  Great house.  Landon was so excited to get his belated birthday present - the new interactive Buzz Lightyear.  Of course, he also had a great time hiding in the birthday gift bag.

They gave us two of the bedrooms - one with a twin bed and one with a full.  We tried to convince Landon to sleep with Bryan in the full bed, so Mackenzie and I could have the twin bed and not wake anyone up during our night such luck.
Mackenzie, Landon and I (and duck and gator and pillow pet duck) shared the full and Bryan took the twin.  Probably good since Bryan had been driving all day (in constant rain!) 

GJ made special pancakes for Landon the next morning, which we all enjoyed and then we were on the road again.