Monday, June 26, 2006


We took Landon to see Cars on Friday. Okay, okay, so really I wanted to see it, but he did watch about half. Then he slept the rest of the time. We "snuck" into Break Up after that. Yeah, yeah, I figure if I pay $16 for a large coke, I can see two movies for my $8 ticket.

Landon also went to Seth's 2 year birthday party. It was great. Sandy really did a lot of work and it turned out really cute. Landon got Seth a potty seat, which I'm not sure he was thrilled about, but he did love the sticers we gave him.

Last night we went over to Bellaire to church with my cousins. Then we went and ate at Jacks. It was nice to see some family.
Oh, and Landon slept for 7 hours last night! Woooooo Hooooooo!!!!

Here's Landon talking this morning:

Landon Talking on Vimeo

Friday, June 23, 2006

Funny Dog Clip

Now that I've discovered how to upload small video clips, I had to share this...
We watched our friend's dogs, (a rhodesian mix and a great dane mix.) The black dog is scared to death of our little female cocker spaniel. She spends the whole time chasing him. Here's a clip where he got distracted by her, and didn't see the garage wall.

Samson meets Garage Wall on Vimeo

Thursday, June 22, 2006



Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I forgot to blog about Landon discovering his feet! Last Saturday he realized he had feet and little toes that must look terribly delicious, because he's already trying to get them to his mouth. He bends over as far as possible, opening and closing his mouth as he gets closer to his little feet. Tooooooo cute.

Also - I've given up sweet potatoes and garlic; two things I dearly love and would eat eternally (not together of course.) But, they're so not worth watching Landon have gas. Poor baby.

Yesterday, when I got to daycare, he was lying in his crib, just talking away to his Winnie the Pooh mobile. He didn't even want to talk to me, just kept talking to Eyore and Tigger.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rainy Days

So we woke up yesterday morning to downpours (as I'm sure you've seen on the news.) And, no, our neighborhood wasn't that bad, but Bryan and I decided to stay home anyway. It was nice to sleep in with Landon on a Monday Morning. All the humidity made Landon's hair curl up on top. I'm afraid he may end up with my curls.

That boy is getting so big. I just can't believe it. He wore little blue jeans yesterday! How cute is that?! I took a picture with my phone, so it's not the highest quality...

Funny story - on Sunday night, Landon had been asleep for quite a while, so when he woke up to eat, I was super full. He was having a hard time latching on, and we were both getting soaking wet. Well, when we got up the next morning, Landon had dried milk all over his face, in his hair. Poor little guy. I should have taken a picture of that, because he was just smiling, not caring at all that he was covered in mama juice.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Sleepy Baby

For the past two mornings, we've had to wake up Landon! In fact we were late to work because he's usually our alarm clock. I'm not complaining, let the boy sleep. I'm just surprised.

He is just too darn cute. He loves mornings, which is a great thing, but probably won't last. He talks and laughs the whole time I'm getting him ready for day care. He's just so happy all the time. We are truly, truly blessed. (And believe me, I'm scared to death to have another one - it will end up with my personality!)

Funny story - I went out to mow the yard last night (since its supposed to rain for the next five days.) I leave my mowing shoes outside, and usually shake them out before putting them on. For some reason I didn't do that yesterday. I put one on and started to put the other on, but felt something in there. OH MY GOSH - it was the biggest toad I've ever seen! GNASTY! Yep, that's nasty with a silent g. Ugh. I threw that shoe across the yard, hope the toad enjoyed the ride. Needless to say, I won't be leaving my shoes outside anymore.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Enough to Eat?

So how am I supposed to know how much Landon needs to eat? We usually send 4 oz bottles to day care, but I think he may need more than that now...hmm...have to talk to daycare ladies this afternoon.

The little cutie is sleeping awesome at night. (I know I probably jinxed myself.) He's only getting up one time, around 3 or 4 and then again at 7ish. We woke him up this morning! He's still doing great at volleyball. Nicole watches him while we play. Last night, she fed him a little and he was out.

As for me, I started BFL again. Day 2 today, so far, so good. I would hope I could be good for two days. We'll see.

I'm looking for training in the next couple of months (web training that is.) Work will send me anywhere, so Bryan and I are trying to decide somewhere that will be nice (and not too hot) for all three of us. San Diego? Chicago? Washington? Orlando? That's a couple of the places offering the class. Landon's still to young to fully appreciate a vacation, so will probably hold off on Orlando for now.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Baseball Game and Water Park

We made another road trip this weekend. We met Jill and her family in Dallas. What a great weekend.

The boys got in plenty of swimming. On Saturday, we went to McKinney and had breakfast at Betty's, a neat little café there with a great breakfast buffet. Then it was on to some of the stores in that area, and of course a drive by Jill and Kip's old house. Then we headed back to Frisco and went on a shopping spree. With the kids begging to go swim the whole time. Kallie made a cute little bear named Frisco. We got back to the hotel and they had an hour to swim before we headed off to the baseball game.

The Frisco Rough Riders were playing the Midland Rockhounds. It’s a neat little baseball park, very hot though. They have a roping dummy set up behind one of the concessions and the boys surprised the cowgirl when they roped like professionals. Even Kallie got in on it. Trevor and Taylor got some autographs and there were a couple times Jill and I thought we'd get an autograph of a baseball on our heads. (We were right in the foul territory.) Everyone won a free t-shirt by picking out which board was Hardi-plank in a contest.

The next day we headed to the water park in Denton. It’s a nice size park, with a couple slides, a lazy river, a kids area and two indoor pools. Landon enjoyed his first water park as we floated along the lazy river. Kallie had a great time in the kids area and floating along with Jill and Kip in the river. I think Taylor lapped us a couple times. Bryan, Kip and Trevor spent most of the time on the slides. I'm sure all the kids slept great on the way home.

We had a great weekend, nice and relaxing. Kallie kept pointing at Landon and asking us "What's her name?" "Oh, that's Landon." We couldn't figure out why she kept asking…until Bryan explained that's what people usually say to kids…"Oh, what's your name?" So she had just picked up on it and decided that's what needed to be said. Too smart. She wanted to hold Landon all weekend, they were too cute together.

Thursday, June 8, 2006

Sleep, Then No Sleep

After sleeping a good 6 hours three nights ago, the last two nights have been anything but...Two nights ago, he had horrible gas, the poor baby. We didn't get any sleep. About five minutes and then he'd be up squirming. Even after Mylicon - no help. Last night, he slept about 4 hours starting around 10, and then was up from 2:30 on. Needless to say, I'm exhausted.

But he's such a good baby I can't be upset about two nights. At volleyball this week, he's just talked and smiled at everyone. No fussing at all. He's so much like his dad. Makes me scared to have another one - might be like his mother. SCARY. He'd come out with attitude.

I'm going to Sugarland today to get my veneer. (If you remember, I broke one of my front veneers off during birth - too much teeth grinding.) And after one trip out there (its an hour from here) to find out the replacement wasn't any good, I'm headed back out hoping this one works. I think I'm also scheduled for a cleaning, but they should be proud of me, since Landon's birth, I've picked up a habit of flossing. What a difference that makes. Yeah, it's a pain, but what a nice feeling.

Landon's still a little head wobbly. We've been working on that and tummy time. On his belly he kicks and kicks with his legs, but really has no desire to put any weight on his arms. Now holding him, he LOVES to stand up. He thinks he's five years old already.

And have I mentioned the hair loss? Oh yeah, its getting worse. Every where I look more hair, at this rate, I'll be bald by next weekend. I have pretty thick hair, so it may actually feel a little better, cooler, you know. And I've ready its normal, and that it'll stop around 30 weeks post partum. So, what, only, 20 more weeks of losing hair. Gross. Why hair loss? Why not fat loss? LOL.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Catching Up

Been a while since I let's see.

Went to Florida for Memorial Day to see the in-laws. The visit went well, I got some time to sleep while Grandma Rhodes watched the baby which was very nice. We got to see all the family. There's two other babies, one 6 weeks older than Landon and one 4 weeks older. Too cute.

On the ride back (12 hour road trip) Landon started to get fussy. By about hour 8, he was running a fever (did I mention I had gotten sick on the way up there.) Poor baby, ran a fever most of the night. I went in to the doctor the next day and tested positive for strep. Great. Landon went to his doctor and had the beginnings of an ear infection. So now we're both on Amoxicillian (sp?) But after a week of medicine, we're both doing great.

We found the BUMBO seat at Target. What a great invention. He can sit up great in it. We set him on our vanity in the mornings to get ready. He just sits and talks to himself in the mirror. So adorable.

He's up to 9 pounds 9 ounces and 22.5 inches long. He has to go back this week to get his immunizations (since he was sick last week.)

And have I said how much he loves bath time? Loves it. Oh, and he slept 6 hours on Sunday night. IN HIS BASSINET!!!

Okay, so I'm not going to wait this long to update...just too much to remember.