Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Family Visiting

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her three kids came out last Thursday for the weekend. The kids had a great time. She has a 6 year old, 3 year old, and 9 month. Landon had a hard time sharing his house and toys and especially his mom. But he got used to it after awhile and shared the house and toys. Not mom.

We went to the zoo one day (that membership is definitely paying off) and Kemah one day. They did some shopping while we were at work yesterday. The kids loved playing in the fountain at Kemah. (Pics to come - camera is jacked up for some reason.)

Four kid in one house is a lot. I'm definitely rethinking the whole more kids thing. Maybe 2 would be good. LOL.

Oh! I got a new car last week. (Man, my blogging is slow.) We got an Acadia. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Its great.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Movie Night

We saw HP3 and Trans.formers last night. Landon fell asleep in HP and then watched some of T. but then fell asleep again. He's so good.

He bit again at school on Monday. He had stopped biting for a while...but then two kids (yep, two) on Monday. Yesterday, he was good. But seriously, there's some times at work that I would just like to smack or bite someone too. So, do you really blame him? LOL.

He's in his crib most of the night now, if not all night. Depends on how awake I am when he wakes up crying. Sometimes I put him back to sleep in the crib, sometimes I wake up in the morning wondering how he got in our bed.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Grandpa Foster and Family

My dad, stepmom and two brothers came to visit this weekend. My younger brother went to football camp at UH on Friday. There were over 500 kids there, it was insane. My brother's graduating this year and looking to play football somewhere in Texas. UH would be awesome! Then we'd get season tickets and get to see him play all the time.

The weekend trip was great. They came in Thursday morning. We went out to Kemah - lucky for a break in the rain. Then the football camp on Friday and dinner at downtown. On Saturday we headed down to Galveston, walked the strand, ate some wings, then headed out to the beach. Landon had a great time in the water. He wanted to be with his dad the whole time. He loved the sand and all the seashells.

Then it was back to the house for lots of pizza. Oh, and in the midst of all the weekend fun, the dogs got into my brother's room and ate, yes, ate, his Nano. So we replaced it for him and Bry's looking at getting the old one fixed.

It was fun...Landon loved being with his Grandpa. He'd cry every time my dad left the room. He wanted to go everywhere with him.

Jane has all the pictures. Hopefully I'll get some from her and post them. Landon cried at day care today. I think he really enjoyed the attention this weekend.

Oh! Yesterday we helped Nicole cut down her neighbor's pear tree. Oh my gosh. It was gnasty. The neighbor is older and can't really take care of her yard. There were rotted pears EVERYWHERE. It was so gnasty (silent g, worse than just nasty.) But we got it all trimmed up and hopefully that will help everyone. No more flies and rotted fruit everywhere. After the clean up, we headed over to Nic's pool and got about 10 minutes of swimming in before a flash flood hit us. Hard.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Trip to DC

We had a great time in DC.

Here's a few pictures of things Landon enjoyed. I say few, because its only 24 pictures out of about 1500. Yeah, that many.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

July 4th

Holidays that fall in the middle of the week aren't that fun. It makes it seem like you actually have two Mondays, but I worked on the 4th, so it was like I didn't get a break at all, really.

The in-laws came down again. They're helping us finish out the room over our detached garage. We had a ton of rain this past week, but it finally blew through for a while yesterday, so we were able to play outside. Landon finally was brave enough to venture into his sandbox. Then he helped me pot a ton of plants we got 1/2 at Hou.ston Gar.den. Then we washed off in his little gator pool. The hose hooks up to the outside and then spouts water out of the top of the gator head. I turned the water so that it just bubbled out, and Landon was having a great time. I taught him how to get a drink of the water, or how to blow bubbles in it. He really just liked sticking his face through it.

He passed out during lunch. Too much fun outside. He's back to saying "Ma ma" now. So its not Daddy all the time. But he's saying lots of words now. Truck, Shoot (because, seemingly all this boy things about is balls, basketball, volleyball, golf balls, whatever) Duck, quack, moo, meow (sort of), bird, boo, and on and on.

He's also learned itsy bitsy spider, which is so cute to watch.
Here's some pictures from our week.

Landon carrying around Micky:

Wearing Dad's hat, trying to get some attention:

He made Grandma sit in the floor in the kitchen and read to him:

Carrying his blanket (we're trying to switch his security from my hair to this blanky.)

My little stud:

And a video of him falling asleep during lunch:

Tiring Lunch