Monday, July 31, 2006

It's Our Anniversary

Yep, two years ago, today. Happy Anniversary to me! We don't really have any plans to celebrate, but I'm sure we'll come up with something. I think I'll wrap Landon up in a ribbon and bow and give that to Bryan.

We upgraded Landon's stroller status this week. We went to Babies R Us and bought the real deal, Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe. Landon LOVES facing forward. We went to the mall on Saturday - he took in all the people (yes, the mall was crazy and so were we for going on a Saturday.) It is heavier than our Graco Snap n Go, but an excellent stroller!

We also found barstools we liked at Garden Ridge. GR was having a buy one, get one half off. We found some we liked (finally) but they were on clearance, so we weren't sure if they'd give us the sale or not. There were only four left, two unopened boxes, one opened box and one already assembled. So we march up to the counter, as easy as you can march with a shopping cart, a barstool and a stroller. The kid rings up our sale and we head out. Guess what - he only rang up two!!! So we got four barstools for the price of two, clearance price on top of that. We're thinking we got this great deal, so we head home. Well, about 11 Saturday night we start putting the other ones together. Oh my gosh, the opened box - yeah, the seat screw holes were upside down - so to put the seat correctly on the back, it would have to go upside down. Not a big deal, Bry can drill different holes. We press on - yeah, two left legs. Two part Ds...where's the C? So more drilling. But we were able to fix everything and they are perfect with our living room furniture. We both realized we couldn't much complain, since it was free.

Cereal Report - Landon doesn't like it. Not on the spoon, not in the bottle, he doesn't like it Sam I am, he will not eat green eggs...I mean cereal. Is this normal? Can we just move on to veggies or should we keep trying the cereal for a while? He was so mad about the bottle last night. He'd suck it for a little bit, then realize what it was and clamp his mouth shut.

Oh, and I worked on my flower bed - or should I say weed bed. I should have taken a picture of was almost to the point of just hoeing up the whole thing and starting over. I got probably 3/4 of it done, taking a break in the middle to help Bry with a diaper explosion (resulting in Landon's first big tub bath which he was terrified of.) Oh, and did I mention I have a horrible sunburn down the middle of my back where I didn't reach with the sunscreen? Yeah, stupid. Anybody over the age of 12 who doesn't put on sunscreen is just stupid.

Well, that's my weekend story. Oh, and our friend Alan called us. He's pretty much been MIA since our wedding (yes two years ago!) It was great to hear from him again.

K - that should be a record post for me. Good job if you got through it all - and if you have any advice on the cereal, let me know!

Friday, July 28, 2006

4 Month Checkup

Landon went to the doctor today for his 4 month checkup. He's exactly 4 months today! He weighed 13 pounds and was just a tad over 24 inches. He's still in the very bottom percentile, but he's right on in development. Of course he was a show off, smiling and laughing. That is until he got his shots. Just when he had fallen asleep they called us back for the shots...oh, he was so sad. It kills me knowing that it hurts him and I can't do anything about it!

The doc also suggested going ahead with cereal for the next two weeks. So, I guess we'll start that tomorrow. Maybe that will get him back to sleeping through the night (although I've read that's just a wive's tale...but I can still hope.)

He's trying really hard to roll from his back to his stomach, but his arm keeps getting the way. Its so cute to watch, though. He tries SO hard.

Oh, and he's laughing! Its great.

Landon's New Laugh on Vimeo

Friday, July 21, 2006

What a morning

So I suppose I now know that Landon has outgrown size 1-2 diapers, after waking up twice, yes twice, soaked this morning. Then to top it off, he threw up all over me after I changed him (the second time.) But then of course, he grins and babbles and everything is fine in the world again.

What a stinker.

I didn't find out anything about the fast flow, so I haven't opened the packages yet.

We got the pictures back from Target - they're pretty cute (proud mama alert.)

Amazing how much he's already changed since two weeks ago.

We're off to Florida tomorrow. Bryan's sister bought a Honda Odessy and we're driving it there and then flying back. I never thought I'd be a mini van kind of mom, but that vehicle is awesome. I could definitely hang out in that.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fast Flow?

First of all, Landon has been sleeping in his crib! Yay baby! Until he wakes up in the middle of the night/morning, then he moves to our bed.

I've got a question for all you "Not First Time Mothers" or even "First Time Mothers." Are the fast flow nipples just for cereal in the bottle? Landon seems to be slurping his bottle now, like he can't get it fast enough, so I'm thinking about trying out the fast flow nipple. (and how many page hits do you think I'll get for having that word in my post?)

We washed all his 3-6 months clothes and started packing up the 0-3s. Our little boy is growing up. HAHAHAHA. Well, he is getting bigger. And cuter, every day.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Quick Trip to West Texas

We found Continental tickets for a cheap weekend get away, so that's where we spent last weekend. Flew in to Amarillo, where Mom picked us up. We stayed with my sister and her family.

Mom had bought tickets to an outdoor musical, "Texas." Its in Palo Dura Canyon and really great. My cousin is one of the main dancers this year, so that was a treat. It was SO hot! But Landon did great, with the exception of one diaper explosion.

My Granny, Aunt & Uncle were there too. They have this great barbecue before the show. It's in this Canyon and at the end of the show, they set off Fireworks. It was great!

We went to my other Grandmother's on Sunday, a rodeo on Monday night (which got rained out!) Yeah, can you believe it, rain in West Texas. Bryan and the boys got some rabbit hunting in, though I don't think they got any. It was just a nice, short weekend.

Friday, July 7, 2006


Landon happily watched the shuttle launch on Tuesday, before his big barbecue.

Landon's been eating like crazy. I thought I had my supply back up to a healthy level...but the boy just doesn't stop. He's put on over a pound THIS WEEK! He wants to eat all the time. I'm not sure I'm going to have enough milk to keep him going. We're completley out of our stock and he's suckin' it down just as soon as I fill up.

Oh! And he rolled over. Yep, I had the camcorder out and had been filming for a while. I turn it off, but the lens cap on...and there he goes, rolls right over. Little stinker wouldn't do it when I got the camera back out!

He is just too cute. He's grabbing his toys much better this week, and propping himself up on his arms. They get so big so fast!!

Here's a picture of Landon in the morning (be thankful I cut mom's morning face out of the pic.) He's SO happy in the morning.

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Another catch up...

Work has been super crazy, so I haven't had any free time, during the day or night to post. And its going to be crazy trying to catch up on my favorite blogs. I miss you guys!!!

Let's see...I started running again, which is great for my health, but not so great for my milk production. With the running and change in eating habits, my supply got a little low. But, I've adjusted my calories and am once again producing like a dairy cow (yes, I just reffered to myself as a cow.)

Landon has started drinking 6-7 ounces at a time. But, he goes much longer between bottles, so I guess it all evens out. He is sleeping through the night, getting up around 5:30-6:00, which is awesome.

The in-laws are here for a week. They're keeping Landon, instead of us taking him to day care. (That means half price at daycare this week.)

Landon is soooo big. He's up to 11 pounds, 23.5 inches at 3 months. yes, I know this doesn't seem big to some of you, but the little boy was only 5'3 when we left the hospital. We watched the video last night, I can not believe he was that small. Its crazy just how much he's grown in 3 months.

He loves to talk and has started rolling his coos. (Does that make sense?) He thinks it so funny. His in-laws bought him a surfboard tummytime mat, and it holds him up so he can practice holding himself up with his arms while he's on his belly. I'll post pictures later.

Landon is to nurse!