Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No money at Wal-Mart?!?

I had some returns for Wal-Mart last night. So after the returns, we went to check out baby stuff (of course.) Bryan hates the way Johnson & Johnson Baby lotion smells, so we're trying to find something he likes, but still smells baby-ish. Also, we've been looking for the hard case travel packs of wipes, which you wouldn't think would be that hard to find. So while looking in the baby stuff, a hilarious thing happened:
Our Wal-Mart has all their baby furniture up on a high shelf, kind of slanted down so you can see every thing, but not really mess with it. So as we're looking around, a guy climbs up to the shelf to sit in the glider-rocker! Which is basically at a 45 degree angle sloped down. Wish I would have had my camera.

Amazingly enough, we walked out of Wal-Mart with out spending a dime, and since we had returns, we actually made money that trip. I think that's a first, for sure.

I realized last night I wanted pancakes. Lucky for us, there's an IHOP right down the road (by Target!) So we stop in and the pancakes were the best I've ever eaten. You know how with pancakes, you take a couple of bites and then they fill you up right away and you're sick of pancakes before you even started. Well, not last night. Oh Man, these were some awesome pancakes. And, by the way, if you didn't know, TODAY is national pancake day. IHOP is offering free pancakes from 7am to 2pm. National Pancake day always falls on Fat Tuesday, in case you need to plan for next year.

That's about all we accomplished yesterday. Oh, Bryan did give Maddie (our dog) a ride in the jogging stroller this morning. She didn't mind too much, but Mason (our other dog) was going crazy. I took some pictures I'll post later.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Shower Weekend

Yesterday was great! Our friends hosted a shower at Nicole's house. The weather was perfect, and the house looked great.

Kim had made cookies (planes, puppies, and blocks), Scott made chocolate bars with volleyball nets, Bryan's boss's wife made a cute cake and there was tons of food.

I think someone said there were around 35+ people. It was really nice and we got great stuff for Landon. Nicole and Sandy went in together and got us a great jogging stroller. Danny got us a barnyard play mat, Greg got us our mobile for the crib. Bryan's work group bought us the car seat and an extra base. And from everyone else we got great things - sippy cups, toys, bibs, clothes, gift cards, all the great baby stuff! Oh, and Max & Melyssa made a neat UF Gator diaper wreath. And Bryan's parents bought us the mattress for the crib.

The whole day was really nice.

On Saturday, Bryan had a volleyball tournament in Alvin. They got second place (with out playoffs, but that's a long story.) It was freezing cold and raining all day Saturday, but we decided to head downtown for some PF Chang's. Bryan, Danny, Nicole and I ate like never before. We definitely put away some food. It was delicious! Then on the way home, Nicole and I were delirious from all the food...we laughed and laughed about everything. Sunday, Bryan and I worked on the yard, put out new mulch, Bryan mowed. And, sadly, have a horrible sun burn. Horrible. Usually I burn and the next day turn tan...oh no, I'm beet red. Ouch. Even the tops of my feet.

But it was a great weekend. Now it seems like its really time. Only six more weeks and just a few more things to complete our baby list. I'll have to post pictures of the shower here when I get some. It was really nicely put together. I think everyone had a great time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

33 Week Checkup

I went to Dr. Johnson yesterday. I'm a day shy of 33 weeks right now. Blood pressure was good. Weight gain was okay (I guess, since I didn't get any grief this time.) The heartbeat sounded good. I'm only measuring 31 - but Dr. J didn't change my due date, so we'll see with the next visit. I start visits every two weeks now. Only a little left to go.

I went on a sugar kick yesterday. Bought cake and brownie mixes. I made butter pecan cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and then some fudge brownies...yummy. Bryan and I stayed up and watched "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Pretty funny, though unbelievable, but we were still laughing.

Sandy has set up a pedicure date for the 7th of March. That'll be nice, since I can't really get to my feet now. Let me tell you, shaving my legs this morning took forever!

Landon's moving around as we speak. The books say he should be around 4 - 4.5 pounds now. Crazy. I think he's going to be a very alert baby. Only a few more weeks until we'll know for sure. Bryan thinks he'll have lots of hair. I don't think he'll have very much, if any. Oh, yep, he thinks my ribs are a jungle gym.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Cold, cold weekend

On Friday, we drove up to Katy to watch Dad rope. When we got there, he was walking his horse, who was limping. Needless to say, Dad didn't get to rope this weekend. In my opinion, He handled it very well. We stayed and watched his friends rope, then Dad treated us to Babins.

Saturday morning, we set the alarm for 6 - to get ready for the Mardi Gras run. After the alarm went off, Bryan took the puppies out and realized it was way TOO cold to be running, so we went back to sleep for about four hours. Now that felt good. We decided to pretend we ran, so we went for lunch at the Waffle House. Mmm...Delicious.

The rest of the weekend - Bryan changed his oil, put up some more insulation, put up the curtain rod in the babies room. I lounged, alternating sleep with watching TV. Then yesterday/last night, I started feeling, well, not so well. About 11:30 I headed to the bathroom and lost all of my dinner. And anything else I'd had in the last 12 hours. Tried to sleep it off in the bathroom, but ended up going to rock and read my book in the baby's room. I finally managed to get back in bed sometime in the morning.

Its still cold here...maybe warming up tomorrow, but not much. Crazy to have winter back. Well, Landon decided to get up, or more like roll around. Guess I'll try to walk to get him back to sleep.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Nursery Furniture

Well, only a week after we placed the order, our nursery furniture arrived! We borrowed Danny's Tahoe and headed up to Babies R Us to pick it up. Only to realize when we got there that we'd need two vehicles. So Danny drove Bryan's Trailblazer up and helped us load and unload the furniture.

The crib is beautiful. Bryan and Danny put it together pretty quickly. Its huge though. I guess it just seems a lot bigger in the babies room than in a huge open store. We unpacked the dresser, but it was a little damaged, so Babies R Us is ordering another one to replace it. The furniture is really beautiful.

Bryan has a three day weekend coming up, so he's going to work on finishing the twin bed. Then we should be able to arrange the room - I'll take pictures when we get it all set up.

Dad's in Katy this week for a roping, so we're taking off work early to head up there to watch him and maybe enjoy a little Saltgrass. And then we have the Mardi Gras run tomorrow morning. Although it's supposed to be in the 40s and raining, so I'm not sure we'll make it down there or not. If so, it should be interesting. My goal is to finish.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines!

Nice surprise - Bryan got me beautiful flowers (Irises and Daisies), some chocolate and a really sweet card. And we weren't even going to do anything. The chocolates are delicious and the flowers are great. I'll have to post a picture here sometime.

No big plans for tonight - there's no way you can get into any restaurants.

This Weekend

Well, we got a ton accomplished. Bryan finished insulating the upstairs in the garage. We moved everything up there into the new storage area. And then we sanded a little of the twin bed we picked up last week. We found a stain to match the nursery furniture, but we first have to get the old stain off. A little bit more work than we thought, but its coming along. I also re-arranged the furniture, which is a normal occurance for me.

I've been contemplating cutting my hair. Not way short, just shorter. It takes so long to blow dry it now, I keep thinking if I cut it a little more, it'd be so much easier. Of course, every one keeps telling me to wait it out. Plus, I realize my face is going to get more round as time goes on, so maybe longer hair is better.

Oh, and we found some new maternity pants on Ebay - yay! Just like the jeans I wear almost every other day now, only their khaki's! Hopefully they'll be in soon, so I can have a second outfit.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Date Night

Well, Bryan and I decided to have a little date last night. We went to the movies and watched "When a Stranger Calls." Pretty good. I jumped a few times, and kept my feet off the floor for most of the movie. We then headed off to Kemah and ate at Kemah Crab House. Then home to catch up on our shows.

Landon definitely got some exercise in yesterday. It was so much kicking, just constant, all day long, movement. By 11:00 last night, I'd had it. Thankfully, I was able to sleep through the night (if you don't count the bathroom breaks.) But he's back up this morning doing stretches.

We got one of our EBay packages in last night. Little 0-3 month sleepers. They're all in great condition. Once we get the gowns in, we'll be set for the first few weeks in the clothing department (I think.)

Oh, and the sad news this week - Krispy Kreme is pulling out of Houston. I know, I know, terrible. We actually haven't been there in over a year, but I only have until March 6 now, so I think I better make a trip there this weekend. That should make Landon happy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


Yes! Tried yoga for the first time yesterday. It was great. There were, of course, some things I couldn't do (lay flat on your stomach) but for the most part, I think I kept up with everybody. I was totally feeling it after the class. But managed to go run a mile before I felt like passing out.

We ordered the crib and changing table/dresser today. Ouch. We decided to go with the Bassett stuff, it seemed more sturdy than anything else we looked at. Plus it was the first thing we picked out and we really, really liked it.

Bryan played volleyball last night (subbing.) And then he ran 3 miles when he got home. We're trying to prepare for a run we entered next week. Not sure if I'll be prepared by then, but I can always walk when I get tired.

We're going to look at a Captain's Bed we found in the swap shop tonight. Hopefully it'll look good and work into the nursery.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Braxton Hicks

So, I believe I've started having Braxton Hicks contractions. Basically, my stomach tightens up and then releases. Nothing that really hurts.

Landon isn't kicking as much now, but he is rolling and turning much more.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Back Rub

I had to post this...my wonderful husband gave me a terrific back rub last night. My back was killing me. I'm not sure if it's from the baby or from the work out, but I couldn't even sit on the couch. But Bryan, the wonderful, caring man that he is, spent a good amount of time last night rubbing the kinks out.

Oh, and I have no clothes. Well, I have sweaters - but since its getting close to the 80s here, I may have to splurge on a short sleeve shirt or some capris. Who knows.