Wednesday, April 28, 2010


At 30 weeks...and the milk is in.  Started leaking Monday night.  7-10 weeks of leaking?  Not fun.  But I did find a few patterns for reusable pads, and I have extra fabric, so I'm going to try to make some this weekend.  They should be able to handle what little is coming out right now. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

30 Week Appointment

Well, I passed the glucose screening (yay!) and no surprise, my iron is low.  I'm already taking Slow FE in addition to prenatals, so Dr. N told me to double up on the iron.  Blood pressure was a little high (130/80) and weight gain was fine (can't remember what it was last time.)  MacKenzie's heart rate was 145. 

Landon and I both have nasty coughs. Landon has it much worse than I do.  He can't seem to cough anything up, so he's coughing all day.  Dr. N suggested I try Robitussin and if I'm not better by Monday, he offered to call in a script for me.

Landon saw his dr this afternoon. He got an antibiotic and prescription cough syrup.  After she was finished, he asked for a shot!  He really wanted one.  I think he liked the attention he got from his class after his 4 year check up.  LOL.

Hopefully we'll all be able to rest up this weekend and get better by Monday.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Strawberry Picking

This weekend we went to Froberg's in Alvin.  A great place to go in the spring.  The weather was perfect, overcast with a nice breeze.  They have acres of strawberries ripe for picking now.  And only $1.80!  We took off with two buckets. There were so many great looking strawberries, I know if we'd had more buckets we would have just kept filling them up. 

We ended up with over 9 pounds of delicious berries.  Then we did a little shopping at their veggie market - asparagus, broccoli, jalapenos, and a delicious fried apricot pie.  Mmm.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Landon's back in gymnastics!

He's been begging to go to his gym for the past two weeks.  We stopped going back in the fall after a couple weeks where Lan begged "NOT" to go.  But, our registration was still good, so Bryan called and they said to bring him on in.  He's in an older class now, which he happily reported to Mr. Danny last night - the 4 and 5 year olds.  One of the teachers is the same one he had before, but there were two new (different) ones also.  One of which is a guy, who actually seemed to really pay attention to the kids and helped them get all the techniques.

Last night, Landon said his favorite part was swinging on the rope and falling into the foam block filled pit.

After gymnastics, we had a "Just Dance" dance-a-thon.  Landon and I danced previously this week...and pathetically, I'm actually sore from that game!  We're having some friends over Sunday night for dinner and more dancing.  I was thinking I should go home and practice, but if I did, I might be too sore to do anything on Sunday.  LOL.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Growing Pains

Landon's legs have been hurting.  The places he points to, we are assuming are growing pains.  We've tried to explain what that means.

Yesterday, in the car, Landon told me he his head hurts. 

Landon: "Yeah, mom, I'm having growing pains in my head."

7 month checkup

Everything is looking great!  I gained 2 pounds this month (and that's weighing in after the Easter trip home - not so shabby.)  Of course, the trimester ahead calls for 11+ pounds.  Basically a pound a week. 

MacKenzie's heartbeat was around 150.  She was breach at the last few checkups, but I'm pretty sure (from the feet kicking me at the top of my stomach) that's she's turned down.  Something we'll have to check next time.  I now have appointments every two weeks up until 36 weeks.  And I have to go in for my glucose test next week.  (I like Orange Crush - so drinking that sugar water doesn't really bother me.)

Dr. N also said that he doesn't want to go more than 40 (uh, yeah, who does!) He would induce as early as 39 weeks, which would be June 28th - which is my Granny's and my Aunt Sharon's birthday.  So if Miss Kenzie doesn't come before then, what a great day that would be.  (I'm still wishing for June 20th.) 

Four Year Old Checkup

Landon had his four year old check up yesterday.  He was fantastic at the doctor's office.  (He's always great, so I'm very nervous about this little girl coming into our lives...)

Landon weighs 36.6 pounds and is 41.25 inches tall.  That's 20% for weight and 80% for height.  Yeah, not my genes.  That's for sure.  Maybe his uncle Chad's, who is 6'2 and weighs about a buck o' 5 - okay, he prolly weighs more than that, but you get the picture.

He got three vaccines, one being for the chickenpox.  Man, what I would have given for a chicken pox vaccine when I was a kid.  I'll have to scan some pictures of when I had them - worst case I've ever heard of.  In my throat, my nose, everywhere.  It was horrible.

Back to Landon - after the checkup (shots) Bryan and I met up and took Landon to the movies to see "How to Train Your Dragon"  - SO CUTE!  Landon loved it.  We will definitely buy it when it comes out on DVD.