Friday, November 2, 2007

I'm back!!!

Anyone still out here? I'm sure everyone gave up on us...but here's a post to fill you in.

Halloween was great. Landon was so much fun. He caught on very quickly to the idea of knocking on doors equals candy in the pumpkin.

He's 19 months now. Still in the 25-40th percentile (and our crazy pediatrician told us he'll probably always be small - uh, yeah, uh huh, sure, lady.) He is finally wearing 18 month shorts/pants although they don't stay up very well.

He went to potty at school, but cries and screams if we show him his potty seat at home.

He now has an aversion to bath tubs and showers. Its a screaming fight to get him to sit in the tub. Not fun.

He has to wear shoes ALL the time. He doesn't even like to take them off to get in pajamas. I think we'll be shopping for slippers this weekend.

He's so much fun now, even given the no bath thing. He learns so quickly, its great to see his mind working. He still wants MaMa's hair to go to sleep. But he's doing better about sleeping in his toddler bed (which is right beside our bed.) He talks all the time.

Here's a video from the halloween party at daycare. Notice at the end, he gets t-boned by another kid. He recovered quickly with the help of a huge iced sugar cookie.

Halloween at daycare from jodielea on Vimeo.


  1. Cute, as usual :).

    Your pediatrician is crazy. Sure, he could be small...I guess someone has to be, but they really can't start making that call until they're around 4, right? I think that's when things are supposed to start evening out. Lila is also still in the 25th-ish percentile for weight...85th for height....tall and skinny like her mom , or at least that's what everyone says.

  2. glad to have you back!
    and BLAM-O, he totally got body checked @ the end of that video! hope bathtimes get easier!