Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Landon!

Landon had a great 4th birthday!  He choose a Star Wars theme.  Bryan made light sabers using pool noodles - what a hit!  We had green/blue cupcakes in "Yoda" holders and a green/blue layered cake featuring a Yoda bobble-head.  (used the gel coloring! wow!)  And masks for all the kids (Yoda, Storm Troppers, etc.)

Landon had tons of friends come over - it was beautiful out.  We rented a jumper with a slide and a cotton candy machine, both turned out great.  Landon got a ton of great gifts, books, star wars figurines, hot wheel tracks, sooo many things.  It was like Christmas morning for him.  Lucky to have so many friends!

All the pictures are posted here.

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