Monday, February 7, 2011

Long weekend, and a sick baby

With the big "storm" coming in, they pretty much shut every thing down in anticipation.  I worked from home on Thursday, fully expecting to have to get the kids after lunch before the 'storm' came in. snow.  The "storm" didn't come through until middle of the night Thursday, and froze everything. They shut down JSC on Friday, and we had a nice stay home day.  The L's picked up Landon from school and dropped him off Thursday evening.  We all had some coffee and hung out.  Then Friday, every one came over and we just bummed around the house.  Played Wii and ate Pizza.

On Saturday, the L's took Landon to gymnastics and then kept him while Bryan and I took Kenzie to the Dr.  She has double ear infection.  Which explains why she's been so clingy.  Sunday she hit an all time low.  She was crying and basically screaming (I know, I should have taken video to prove this.)  As long as I held her, she did okay, most of the time.  She wouldn't take her paci and didn't want to eat much.  Poor girl.

Bryan and I are both coming down with something too. We woke up not feeling well, drainage, sinus pressure.  Guessing we have colds. Bryan volunteered to stay home with the kids.  Hoping he manages okay today.

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  1. Ugh, yuck. We're all sick with colds at the Ward house too. I hope it doesn't hit you too hard!