Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

For the 4th, we headed out to New Mexico, taking my neice home.  It was a nice drive out there in the middle of the night - we listened to an audio book and the kids slept most of the way.  We arrived in NM around 6am and didn't get much rest after that.

We packed the weekend full of events - lunch with the family at Leal's, dinner and swimming at my cousins, shopping in Clovis, fishing at Nana's, church, 10K race, french toast breakfast, etc...

Landon loves visiting his cousins and it gets harder and harder to come home.  Especially since we returned without Emma!  Felt like we were missing a child. 

Bryan and Kenzie enjoying the pool

Uncle Gary throwing Landon, while Luke waits his turn.


All the cousins!

Kenzie and me - trying to stay dry.

Kallie and Abby

Sunday Best - July 3rd

Landon with my sister's new puppy -  Bo.

Bryan and Landon - still a monkey

4th of July fishing

Bryan and Landon fishing

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