Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh No! Note

Landon got his first Oh No! note from school yesterday. Apparently he bit a girl because he was playing with the mailbox and didn't want her to play with him.

Yeah...that's my kid, the biter.

My in-laws were in for eight days last week. They completely and totally spoiled Landon rotten. The little monkey had throwing fits down to a tee. As soon as he didn't get his way, he'd give us the big sad eyes, then pitch himself forward and start crying...sure enough, as all grandmas do, Grandma Rhodes swooped in and picked him up.

So, now we're working on un-spoiling him. He has started hitting when we tell him no. Not fun.

But fun stuff - he loves birds. LOVES THEM. He's goes ape crazy when he sees or hears a bird. Then the dogs go crazy too. He's also learned to run to the fridge (like the dogs do) when he hears the ice machine being used. He wants to give the dogs ice, like Daddy does. And he's loves kissing. He kisses me all the time now. On my legs, on my cheek, on my hands. Its more of a slobbery open mouth "muah" but I love it. That is until he bites. To which I tell him no biting, to which he hits me. LOL...we're working on it. He's already much better than last week.

He's also learned to say "pop, pop, pop" like his pull along popping toy. Its prescious.


  1. normal, but so hard to deal with! I hope that it is just a phase for Landon!!

  2. Amelia bites, too... she bit me last week when she was angry. She got a long time out and screamed and threw a temper tantrum and hasn't done it since. We are still working on the hitting :( which she does when we tell her no (just like Landon!)

  3. Toddlerhood... It's fun, eh?

    They're hysterical one minute and then possessed by the devil the next.

    Mine's hitting too. And although he's not biting, he did get bit at school.

    And since he's been a terror ever since, I'm pretty convinced that he caught rabies from that kid.

  4. If Lila were in daycare, I'm sure she'd have gotten an "Oh no" note or five. She's been biting..and hitting.. gah.