Monday, June 25, 2007


We got a membership to the zoo when we went on Saturday. Yes it was hot. Hello we live in Houston. But it was overcast with a few sprinkles, so overall it wasn't that bad.

Landon loved it! Loved. It. He was asleep when we got there and didn't wake up until we got inside. Then he was like, "OH MY GOSH! I'M IN HEAVEN!" He loved the fish and the reptiles. And of course the birds, monkeys, merecats...pretty much anything that moved.

The best part was all the gnasty (that's worse than just nasty - silent g) birds scavenging for food at the tables. Landon chased them all over the place.

Landon and the long horns

Bryan and Landon checking out the animals

We got to meet Diego!!


  1. I have been wanting to take Ellie to the zoo again now that she is older. Season pass is a good idea...especially since they are raising the prices!

  2. you've convinced me its probably a good idea to take a trip to the zoo...its only been about 23 years...!!!

  3. ahhh looks like you all had great fun there... love the photos!

  4. Great pictures! I love that you got to meet Diego...Korley would be so jealous!!

  5. i love going to the zoo! All of the good ones are so far away from us that we do not go very often! Glad that you all had so much fun!!