Thursday, August 23, 2007

We're here...and growing fast

Landon is getting SO big. He's all grown up. For a 17 month old, anyway.

We're transitioning rooms at daycare this week. He looks so tiny in his new room, but in his old room he's the king of the land. It's time for him to move, but its hard on mama.

He's talking all the time now. ALL. THE. TIME. "What's this?" "What's that do?" "Here you go" "Where's the puppies?" And I think yesterday he may have said shutup. Not the shutup as in quit talking, but the shut up as in 'get out, seriously'...i say it all the time. We HAVE got to start watching what we say.

He's out of the highchair. He either sits in a normal chair and barely reaches his food, or we found an Eddie Bauer booster that he likes, so we use that.

He can climb anything. The baby gates, the couch, the car seats, the bed, the tub. He's our little monkey.

He loves to wink (which is more like just squinting his eyes) and saying bye-bye to everyone. He's a total flirt.

His new favorite song is "Five little monkeys jumping on the bed." Its so cute to see him do all the hand gestures. He's sleeping more and more in his crib, but still likes to use Mom's hair to go to sleep.

He's so much fun...I'm sad I haven't kept up with this blog like I used to. I'll try to do better. Cause I love my boy and don't want to forget any of this.

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