Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big Bear Lake

Bryan's sister rented a cabin at Big Bear Lake for a couple weeks, and luckily we got to go out for a visit!

We flew out of Houston on Wednesday night. Lan did great on the plane. We got new coloring/shapes/maze books for the trip...but after the first hour, he passed out. We got to a small airport in Ontario, California where G and G picked us up and started the 1.5 long and curvy drive to Big Bear Lake. Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes were awake when we got in...we visited for a while, then hit the hay.

I got a phone call at 6am (Cali time) the next morning. Issues with work - ugh. Luckily, my sister-in-law had her little Acer mini laptop and I was able to get some work done through it. And...two hours later, problem solved and I'm ready for vacation. Lan was in heaven once his cousins woke up, so Bryan and I headed out across the street to hike up the mountain. We hiked for about an hour, finally got to the top rock...turned around, and saw a paved, asphalt road about 20 feet below us. Yeah. We came back down the same way.

Then all the family loaded up and we went to ride the ski lifts. Beautiful. We got to the top, hopped off and hiked around a bit up there. It was, again, beautiful. By this time, we're ready for lunch, so we ride back down and meet up with Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes and go to a cute little hamburger joint in town (Get It Now Burger or something like that.) Delicious.

That evening we went down to the lake, the kids played in the sand, while we just rested and watched the sunset over the Lake.

Friday morning, Bryan and I set out on a loop around the neighborhood I had mapped using map my run. It was a 2 mile route, Bryan rode the bike while I ran. We walked a few of the hills...wow. Then we all went to ride the boat. Lan tried out the tube...but ended up crying - too bouncy for him. So then we just rode around the lake, feeding the baby ducks, and then made it back before a big rain storm hit.

Saturday, we woke up early again and took Landon hiking on the mountain. When we got back Bryan, Grandpa Rhodes and Landon dropped me off at a trail and went fishing. I took off for a 5 mile run (2.5 out and back) while they fished. I had a wonderful run, but the boys didn't have any luck fishing. Back to the house. That evening, the Hallams went to a bluegrass festival, while the rest of us went back down to walk the lake. Landon had a grand time pretending to feed the baby ducks and pointing things out to Grandma and Grandpa. We parked on the bridge and waited for a bit, we got to see the Space Station and Shuttle pass over. What a gorgeous site.

Sunday, Bryan and Aubrey dropped me off to run the 5 miles again, but skipped the fishing and went for breakfast at Denny's. After that, we went into town. We ate a Paouli's and then walked around downtown, until another storm came through. That night we were treated to Black Light bowling.

Everyday the kids would play in the yard outside the house. There was a dry creek bed running under the front walk way with huge rocks - perfect for jumping and climbing.

Monday, we got an early start back to Ontario (California.) Stopped and had breakfast at Denny's then Joan and Aubrey dropped us off at the airport. What a fantastic trip.

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