Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy 5th Anniversary

5 years ago today, Bryan and I were running a 5k (Race to the Altar) followed by a delicious breakfast at my Aunt's barn, followed by a busy day of errands before we were married in a beatiful ceremony.

I love you Bryan. I love all the little things you do for me, love the way you know what I'm thinking before I say a word, the way you laugh with me (and at me), I love that we share everything, and that we enjoy the same things. I love the family we've made and all the times and things we do as a family. I love that we run errands together. I love that we get to each lunch together (some days.) I love that you LOOOOVE to tell me details and that even though you know I don't listen to them, you still tell them to me and then you don't get mad that I don't listen. =-) I love that we can agree on almost everything and that we can agree when we don't agree. I love that you let me think I'm right most of the time. I love that you can fix the car, the house, the fridge, the roof, that you are truly a manly man. I love watching you with Landon - playing ball, wrestling, running, swimming, coloring.

Happy 5th Anniversary!

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