Monday, February 8, 2010


I had an appointment with Dr. Nguyen on Friday. Originally they put me in the room without the ultrasound machine. I tried to squash my disappointment since I knew I was having the big ultrasound on Monday. However when Dr. Nguyen came into the room, he suggested we do an ultrasound and said he'd look for gender if I wanted to know- YES! So after seeing the heartbeat, Dr. N started looking around. Of course the baby was sitting Indian-style on her bottom...he finally got her to move and said he was 85% sure it was girl.
The ultrasound on Monday confirmed that. I picked up Landon from school and met Bryan over at the Women's UTMB offices. We got to see lots of the baby...she even yawned for us while we were looking at her face. Saw cute little hands and feet. And the doctor pointed out the "girl" parts.
Landon and I went over to Target after the appointment and Landon picked out an outfit for his ladybugs onesies, pants and some headbands. (And he picked out a ball for himself.)

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