Friday, April 9, 2010

7 month checkup

Everything is looking great!  I gained 2 pounds this month (and that's weighing in after the Easter trip home - not so shabby.)  Of course, the trimester ahead calls for 11+ pounds.  Basically a pound a week. 

MacKenzie's heartbeat was around 150.  She was breach at the last few checkups, but I'm pretty sure (from the feet kicking me at the top of my stomach) that's she's turned down.  Something we'll have to check next time.  I now have appointments every two weeks up until 36 weeks.  And I have to go in for my glucose test next week.  (I like Orange Crush - so drinking that sugar water doesn't really bother me.)

Dr. N also said that he doesn't want to go more than 40 (uh, yeah, who does!) He would induce as early as 39 weeks, which would be June 28th - which is my Granny's and my Aunt Sharon's birthday.  So if Miss Kenzie doesn't come before then, what a great day that would be.  (I'm still wishing for June 20th.) 

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