Friday, April 16, 2010


Landon's back in gymnastics!

He's been begging to go to his gym for the past two weeks.  We stopped going back in the fall after a couple weeks where Lan begged "NOT" to go.  But, our registration was still good, so Bryan called and they said to bring him on in.  He's in an older class now, which he happily reported to Mr. Danny last night - the 4 and 5 year olds.  One of the teachers is the same one he had before, but there were two new (different) ones also.  One of which is a guy, who actually seemed to really pay attention to the kids and helped them get all the techniques.

Last night, Landon said his favorite part was swinging on the rope and falling into the foam block filled pit.

After gymnastics, we had a "Just Dance" dance-a-thon.  Landon and I danced previously this week...and pathetically, I'm actually sore from that game!  We're having some friends over Sunday night for dinner and more dancing.  I was thinking I should go home and practice, but if I did, I might be too sore to do anything on Sunday.  LOL.

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