Thursday, May 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • Bryan is in California for the week...
  • Kenzie starting running a fever on Tuesday.  She felt warm when I picked her up from school, so I gave her some tylenol.  Miss Cole watched her while I played volleyball.  Kenzie slept in her lap the whole time I think - which ended up being a lot longer than expected since our ref showed up 30 minutes late.
  • I kept her home from daycare, she still ran a fever, and I didn't want them calling which would mean I'd have to keep her home two days.
  • She did well, she's not eating food at all.  I'm guessing teeth - this is pretty much exactly how she was when her bottoms ones came through. The top ones have been so close for EVER.
  • After school yesterday, Landon thought he could jump on a ball.  A very large ball.  Needless to say, he couldn't.  He fell on his neck, and wouldn't move his head at all.  I started getting nervous about it.  Tried to call Bryan to see what to do (remember - he's in California in meetings all day.)  Finally text our friend (chiropractor) to see if he was still at his office.  He wasn't, but said he'd come by.
  • I called Mr. Danny to come over to help watch Landon (he wouldn't walk at the time.) So I could take care of Kenzie. Danny kind of freaked when I told him Landon hurt his neck - understandable, since he has fused metal in his own...
  • Dr came by, checked out Landon - who at this point was bawling cause he didn't to be checked out.  He finally let Max work on him, He was able to adjust his neck.
  • Kenzie finally went to bed...only to wake up at 12 and stay up til 3.  I tried everything.  I can't even remember now how she finally went to bed.
  • We all three slept in my bed last night, after that.  She woke up again at 5, I gave her a bottle and then she was still fussy, so she watched Mickey Mouse until she fell asleep (yes, I realize I'm letting a 10 month old watch TV.)
  • Landon woke up sore, stiff, but surprisingly didn't ask to stay home from school (Thank goodness cause I'm almost out of vacation now.)
On a different note, Kenzie is completely weaned.  That decision was made for various reasons.  I do miss nursing her, but am SO relieved to not be pumping at work anymore.  I have a small supply still in the freezer, we're using that and soy formula now, which she is doing fine on.  She hasn't nursed in over a week. But last night, I noticed some pain - think I have a clogged duct.  I planned on taking a hot shower or bath when I got Landon to sleep, but I fell asleep too, and then by the time I realized that, K was awake again.  Trying massage and warm heat today.

I'm sure today will be better than yesterday...


  1. What else can happen with the hubby gone?! Sheesh! I hope that everyone gets happy quick so you can have a relaxing Mother's Day. Or at least as relaxed as a mother can get. HA. Seriously though, I hope today goes smoothly for you.

  2. TOTALLY understand about the hubby being away thing. It is difficult at times!

    Also, I have decided to begin the weening process with Skylar. I am just sick of pumping and I think 7 months on pure breakmilk is impressive for me. We started with one ounce of formula yesterday! It went well! I am SUPER nervous about cutting out the nightime nursing though. How did it go for you? Did Bryan give her the bottle?