Monday, May 2, 2011

Walking and Kindergarten Registration

Kenzie's been "walking" for a while.  She'd take steps here and there...and then remember that crawling was WAY faster for her.  She's walked using things for about four months now...but this weekend - oh wow.  That girls was walking everywhere.  She's still a little unsure...and it takes her a while, but she's choosing to do it instead of crawl.  Last night in the kitchen she took 15 steps!!  All the way down the kitchen to get to the fridge magnets.  Insane.  And I know she's just going to get faster and faster.

Tomorrow we're registering Landon for Kindergarten.  He's excited to see the school.  I'm SO nervous.  But I'm trying my hardest not to let him see that.  I really don't want him to be nervous like I am about things (but, I know he already is that way.)  We have all the documents ready.  Can't believe it's time.

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