Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A few pictures from Halloween.  The kids both had parties at their schools on Friday, so instead of wearing the Angry Birds costumes all day - they went with their Tech stuff.  Pretty cute (although Kenzie did NOT want her picture taken.)

A friend hosted a pumpkin carving party - thankfully she didn't force us to carve (LOL - j/k S) which meant Bryan and Landon carved the pumpkin together.  Landon was pretty grossed out by the inside part.

Kenzie and Landon were great at Trick or Treating.  Kenzie was so happy to get candy from people, she'd just stand and stare, I guess hoping they'd give her more.  Landon wanted to go to every house in the neighborhood - too many house.  Our friends met up with us and trick or treated, although her kids were tired, and were done way before Landon even considered stopping.

Bryan had on the green pig shirt.  I'm sad we never got a family picture of all us.  The costumes turned out great, Landon was so proud of his black bird.  After trick or treating, we turned our lights on for kids to stop by - Landon wanted Bryan to go out to the street and tell everyone that there's "Halloween going on in here"  - he was disappointed that he'd missed handing out all night.

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