Tuesday, November 15, 2011

San Antonio Marathon - Part 1

Leaving hotel to walk to Expo

Bryan trying to figure out map on his phone to get us going in the right direction.

Kids drinking hot chocolate on the riverwalk.

Kenzie clearly upset about the fight at the Alamo - or just mad because she wanted to drag her blanket on the dirty ground.

Family picture in front of the Alamo.

Bryan resting on "history"

Jill and I - Kenzie was too shy for the picture.

Landon and Kallie - cheesing it up.

Landon took over the camera here. Waiting outside expo...

Elvis' Rocking It

Kenzie drinking some juice after she ate 12 cups full of tomatoes

Bryan and Landon on the river by The Guenther House

Cinnamon roll from The Guenther House

Kenzie copying Kallie eating a sticky bun from The Guenther House

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