Sunday, September 30, 2012

West Texas Football and Parade

We went out to West Texas for the weekend and were able to see my nephew's pep ralley - The kids loved the band and cheerleaders!

Headed to Rosa's for pre-game dinner!  Yummo.

Unfortunately, it rained through the whole game!  Jill and I sat together and took turns holding an umbrella over us.  Trying to keep it from dripping down our backs.

On Saturday, we made it to Portales in time for the Parade!  The rain stopped long enough for the Parade, the kids eagerly waited for the candy to come.

After the parade, we skipped Eastern's game and headed over to visit my Granny Foster. (Jill and Kenzie snuggling)

Kenzie wearing the wig!  Hilarious.

Kenzie and the pup's at Jill's house.

It was a fast trip, but always fun to be back with family.

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