Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trip to the park

Saturdays are now football days.  And it's very hard for Bryan to watch football with both kids running around crazy.  He's never complained, he usually just sets up the laptop and watches the game with a headphone in one ear.  But the kids were going crazy and really need to let out some energy.  Luckily, it's starting to cool off here - low 90s.  So we headed to Landon's school playground.  As we got there, Landon says, "I have so many ideas I've wanted to try!"  Apparently, 1st graders don't get to use the monkey bars - which is the first thing he wanted to do.  The kids both had a great time, then we headed over to their "track" to get Landon's half mile in for the day.  Kenzie ran, but not much.

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