Thursday, May 17, 2007


Yes, you read that right. I spanked Landon this week.

He got this great rocking chair from Grandma and Grandpa Rhodes, which he loves to climb up in and stand up and rock. That's okay by me. He's a boy...he needs to 'live on the edge.' LOL. But now he thinks once he's standing in the rocking chair, he can climb the rungs on the back of the seat. That's not funny. So, after repeatedly telling him no, and removing his foot from the chair. I swatted his leg. Not hard, but not easy.

That's when he turned to me and just started laughing. LAUGHING. So then it was game, he wanted me to do it again, so he puts his foot on the back of the seat to climb...and turns to look at me, like "What ya gonna do about it?"

Trying not to laugh...I just grabbed that boy off the chair and gave him razzes on his stomach. Laugh at that...not the spanking you little stinker.

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