Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day. We had a great day, weekend, actually. I got my hair done, color and cut on Saturday. Sunday we overslept a little, so no time for breakfast before church. Landon's been having an allergic reaction to dairy (read diarrhea.) So midway through church we had an accident. Luckily I had packed extra clothes. As I'm carrying Landon out in the parking lot, trying to not get the poop on me, or more poop on him, he's wiggling in my arms, and I almost drop him! Yes, I almost dropped my son on the asphalt on mother's day. Luckily I cought him, upside down by one foot.

After church we went to PF Chang's for lunch. Yummy. In the afternoon we blew up the alligator pool we found on clearance last year at Target. Landon wasn't too sure about the cold water at first, but as it warmed up and as we added toys and more toys, he eventually liked the pool - especially if he could drink the water.

Bryan's in Ohio - with the camera, so I'll post pictures later.

We've been braving the evening heat and going for walks. We bought a lightweight MacClaren (sp?) and LOVE it. The back is mesh-like, so Landon doesn't trap heat in the stroller seat.

OH! We bought a toddler bed. Right now, we just have it set up beside our bed. Landon starts the night out in it, but sometime during the night he'll sleep-climb into our bed...never even waking up. But its a start.

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend!
    I love, love, love PF Changs. In fact, I'm going there on Friday!
    Wow, a toddler bed...that is a great idea to set it up next to your bed for the transition from your bed to his.