Thursday, May 24, 2007

Terrible 14 months?

So...Landon has learned how to throw a fit. Sits down in the floor, throws his head to the floor and cries. He'll even roll over and just lay there, waiting for me to pick him up. Which I don't. Today, I got Landon dressed then I said, "Okay, let's go get breakfast." But instead of walking with me, he throws a fit. I sat down, waiting for him to come over. He threw a fit, got up took two steps, threw another fit, another two steps, fit, two steps, you get the picture. Bry was going to go pick him up. I told him I'd tackle him if he picked up Landon. LOL. I don't want Landon thinking he can throw a fit and we'll just baby him. Is that wrong? Landon's never been a cryer so this is all new to me.

Anyway - we're headed to New Mexico this weekend to see family and pick up my furniture!! YAY! I'll take pictures when we get it all in the house. I can not wait!

Oh, and I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned the house yesterday. There's still more cleaning to do, but Oh man! What a difference a clean house makes. You just feel so much better after its done. It's the doing that stinks. LOL.


  1. Lila is generally pretty good, but she's thrown a fit a couple of time when she's been very tired. I don't think there's anything wrong with nipping it in the bud right now.

  2. i'm with you, i think that picking him up would re-enforce that behavior or something, or reward it or something? i dont know..
    E has just started doing this a little bit too, she was trying to crawl up the stairs and reach a ball or something and i moved it and she looked at me and threw herself down to floor and put her head down...uh oh, I cant believe it begins so early!!!