Monday, July 23, 2007

Grandpa Foster and Family

My dad, stepmom and two brothers came to visit this weekend. My younger brother went to football camp at UH on Friday. There were over 500 kids there, it was insane. My brother's graduating this year and looking to play football somewhere in Texas. UH would be awesome! Then we'd get season tickets and get to see him play all the time.

The weekend trip was great. They came in Thursday morning. We went out to Kemah - lucky for a break in the rain. Then the football camp on Friday and dinner at downtown. On Saturday we headed down to Galveston, walked the strand, ate some wings, then headed out to the beach. Landon had a great time in the water. He wanted to be with his dad the whole time. He loved the sand and all the seashells.

Then it was back to the house for lots of pizza. Oh, and in the midst of all the weekend fun, the dogs got into my brother's room and ate, yes, ate, his Nano. So we replaced it for him and Bry's looking at getting the old one fixed.

It was fun...Landon loved being with his Grandpa. He'd cry every time my dad left the room. He wanted to go everywhere with him.

Jane has all the pictures. Hopefully I'll get some from her and post them. Landon cried at day care today. I think he really enjoyed the attention this weekend.

Oh! Yesterday we helped Nicole cut down her neighbor's pear tree. Oh my gosh. It was gnasty. The neighbor is older and can't really take care of her yard. There were rotted pears EVERYWHERE. It was so gnasty (silent g, worse than just nasty.) But we got it all trimmed up and hopefully that will help everyone. No more flies and rotted fruit everywhere. After the clean up, we headed over to Nic's pool and got about 10 minutes of swimming in before a flash flood hit us. Hard.

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  1. sounds like a really nice weekend till the icky pear tree and flash floods... I hope that you are ok!!