Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Movie Night

We saw HP3 and Trans.formers last night. Landon fell asleep in HP and then watched some of T. but then fell asleep again. He's so good.

He bit again at school on Monday. He had stopped biting for a while...but then two kids (yep, two) on Monday. Yesterday, he was good. But seriously, there's some times at work that I would just like to smack or bite someone too. So, do you really blame him? LOL.

He's in his crib most of the night now, if not all night. Depends on how awake I am when he wakes up crying. Sometimes I put him back to sleep in the crib, sometimes I wake up in the morning wondering how he got in our bed.


  1. Wow, I'm jealous; there's no way I'd even consider taking Lila to a theater; she's way too wild.

  2. 2 movies? Did you take him to the drive in? I, too, would love to take Ellie to the movies, but know she would never sit still (or quiet).

    Funny about wanting to bite your coworkers! Ellie bit me on my stomach last week and the mark lasted for several days. I can just imagine what she will do when daycare starts again.