Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best Friends

Landon got to have his two best friends over last night, Maddox and Mr. Danny. He was in heaven. I went to pick up Maddox at his daycare, but the lady almost didn't let me take him! Which, in her defense, I guess is a good thing that they're very careful about who they let come and go. And then to make it worse, when I got to Maddox's room, he just kind of looked at me like, "who are you?" LOL. He finally realized who I was and told me that his Daddy said we were going to Chuck E Cheese. LOL...uh, not tonight sugar.

When we got to the house, Lan and M. ran around like punks. They kept yelling "Monster" which meant Mr. Danny, and then would run away squealing anytime they say him coming their way.

We had strawberries from Perry's (Thank you Kim!) we all ate one, then Danny put gum in his mouth. Some how, Landon thought the strawberry turned into gum, so he kept asking for the strawberry gum. He did eat the strawberry, but was disappointed when it didn't actually turn out to be gum. I think Danny may have given him some gum later (along with an ice cream sandwich and a pink iced cookie.)

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