Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 8

I went to the doctor on Monday, originally thinking I was 8.5 weeks along. He did an internal sonogram (eww) and measured the little cashew several times...and then readjusted my due date. So now, its August 25th. I was about 5 days off in my calculations.

I think I'm doing better, sick-wise. I can at least eat now, even though most of the time nothing sounds appealing. If I wait too long, or eat too much, I get sick right away. So I'm trying to get meals in every 2 hours or so and then not stuff myself.

(I was much more sick with Landon - throwing up all the time, had to keep plastic bags in my car and purse. I haven't been that bad this time - yet. Dr. N warned me that it might get worse, uh thanks? )


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! On the pregnancy, of course. Not the "morning" sickness. =D I was the same way with not eating often enough or eating too much. Were you like this when you were pregnant with Landon?

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting :)